Press Release: Home Design Outlet Center Opened New Showroom at Houston, TX Location

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Bathroom vanity retailer, Home Design Outlet Center has successfully opened a new showroom at Houston, TX. Customers are welcome to visit the showroom at the following address.

8017 Pinemont Drive Suite 200

Houston, TX 77040

The Houston showroom is the newest addition to the existing seven showrooms across the country. With the opening of Houston, TX showroom, that brings the grand total to eight showrooms.

When was first founded, sales were made online. Customers visit the Company’s official website to browse bathroom vanities. The website offers high-resolution product images as well as accurate measurements. Even though it’s easy to place orders on the Company’s website, the management feels that this is not enough.

As an online retailer of bathroom vanities, the Company hopes to improve on its core competencies. Besides offering highly competitive prices (up to 70% savings), places strong emphasis on service excellence as well as lightning fast delivery.

With customers from all over the country, the Company soon realized that they need to expand in order to better serve the needs of its customers. The plan was to open showrooms cum warehouses in different states. Of course, this did not happen overnight. It took a lot of hard work and effort from the staff to open one showroom after another.

With this press release, the would take the opportunity to thank all employees for the successful opening of the showrooms. With the opening of Houston, TX showroom, the Company would like to specially thank Halil Sari (Chicago Branch) and Bahadir Agbas (New Jersey Branch) for their dedicated work. Success is not possible without the loyal commitment and dedication of all employees.

So instead of just being able to buy bathroom vanities from the website, customers can now choose to visit a physical showroom to take a look at the actual product. Customers can also have their questions answered on the spot by knowledgeable sales staff. To ensure service excellence, the Company chooses not to compensate sales staff on commission basis. Without a commission compensation structure, customers can shop with peace of mind, knowing that they won’t be pressured into making a buying decision when they visit a showroom.

Homeowners can now expect to enjoy these benefits when shopping at

1) Wide variety of bathroom related products – vanities, floor tiles, shower panels faucets and more. Products are also guaranteed to be in stock.

2) Highly competitive pricing – Bathroom vanities can be very costly. Homeowners can save a bundle when they shop at because they get to buy at factory direct prices. Savings can be as high as 70% off!

3) Excellent sales service – The Company offers support via email, live chat and phone. With the opening of showrooms, customers can also talk to the sales staff directly to get the information they need.

4) Fast delivery – The showrooms also serve as warehouses. So products are usually shipped out from the nearest warehouse. That translates to lightning fast deliveries.

To locate other showrooms, please visit the Company’s official website:

Latest showroom: Bathroom vanities Houston, TX

8017 Pinemont Drive Suite 200

Houston, TX 77040

Grand Opening Of Houston TX Showroom Jan 12th 2013




Home Design Outlet Center, an established online retailer of bathroom vanities, invites homeowners to participate in the grand opening of Houston, TX showroom.

Grand opening date: Jan 12th 2013

8017 Pinemont Dr Suite 200
Houston, TX 77040

Being closer to homeowners

Home Design Outlet Center started as an online retailer of bathroom related products such as bathroom vanities and bathroom vanity cabinets. The Company believes firmly in offering high quality products at competitive prices. This is achieved by offering modern bathroom vanities at warehouse prices.

Customers can browse a wide range of bathroom related products on the Company’s official website. The highly competitive prices can be easily verified. The website shows images of all products and includes important product related information.

A homeowner can visit the website and with a few simple clicks, he or she will have all the information needed to make a buying decision.

Of course, the Company expects customers to ask questions pertaining to the products they are interested in. If in a hurry, customers may choose to call up the Company or send an email to get some answers.

However, over time, as the Company experienced strong growth, the management realized that just having a strong online presence is not enough. Ever sensitive to the needs of its customers, the management decided to expand by having more showrooms located in different states. Houston, TX showroom is the latest addition to its existing warehouses.

These showrooms serve two primary purposes. First, customers residing in a nearby location may opt to visit the showroom to speak with someone before buying. Homeowners can also choose to take a look at the physical product first before making a purchase. Second, these showrooms also function as warehouses. Inventory is stored in these warehouses. This means that homeowners can expect to receive their products at record speed.

With quality products, affordable pricing, excellent customer care and lightning fast deliveries, Home Design Outlet Center puts itself in a great position to serve the needs of homeowners.

“Customer care is of utmost importance to us,” said a Company spokesperson. “We don’t engage in pressure selling. We let our products and prices do the selling.”

On the Internet, information flows freely. Prices are transparent. Business conduct is scrutinized. Home Design Outlet Center is proud to publish positive reviews on its website.

Grand opening of the 8th showroom

Currently, the Company already has seven active showrooms. They are located in New Jersey, Miami, Chicago, Virginia, Philadelphia, Orlando, and California. The opening of the Houston, TX showroom brings the grand total to eight showrooms.

The showroom has been scheduled to open on Jan 12th 2013.

The grand opening is open to public. Homeowners residing around the region are invited to participate in this event.

Customers can take this as an opportunity to see for themselves how the Company is being run.

Grand opening date: Jan 12th 2013

8017 Pinemont Dr Suite 200
Houston, TX 77040

For more information, please visit the Company’s official website:




Home Design Outlet Center To Open A New Showroom Warehouse In Houston, TX In December

Home Design Outlet Center, an online retailer of bathroom vanities, has signed a new lease for a 24,000 square feet warehouse located at 8017 Pinemont Suite 200 Houston, TX 77040. The warehouse cum showroom is scheduled to open in December, 2012.

Best in price

For years, Home Design Outlet Center has been offering quality bathroom products at highly competitive pricing. Customers enjoy low prices because the products arrive directly from factories. In other words, factory direct prices are being offered to customers.

“It’s hard for customers to find similar products that are offered at such affordable prices,” commented a spokes person from the Company. “Some customers even find the promise too good to be true. So we encourage them to visit our showrooms to view the actual products before making a buying decision.”

Being closer to customers

Home Design Outlet Center realizes that it is of great importance to be close to their customers. Although purchases can be made directly on the Company’s website, there will always be customers who will buy products such as bathroom vanity cabinets only after inspecting the actual goods.

For this reason, the Company has been working hard to identify ideal locations to open warehouses around the country. These warehouses serve two primary purposes.

First, the spaces also act as showrooms. Customers can visit the showrooms and check out the products in person before making a purchase. Those who would prefer face to face consultations can also get to speak with the support staff to acquire important information about the products that they are interested in.

In addition, by having warehouses that are located in different locations, the Company can ensure that customers receive their items as quickly as possible. Usually, orders are processed within 1 to 2 working days. The items are then shipped out, and customers can expect to receive the items with 2 to 7 days!

Does quick delivery come with a premium?

Customers will be pleasantly surprised to learn that not only do they not have to pay extra for this excellent service, they benefit from this service without having to fork out a single cent!

Home Design Outlet Center offers free pick up from their locations for all products. Also, note that the shipping price is NOT incorporated into the final selling price. The Company just take on the cost of delivery so customers get to enjoy lower prices.

High quality products

Having competitive prices doesn’t mean that the products offered are of inferior quality. In fact, Home Design Outlet Center offers some of the highest quality bathroom vanities in the market.

There is a wide selection of bathroom products available on the Company’s official website. Vanities are available in modern and fashionable designs. They come in different sizes and colors to ensure that home owners can find something suitable that fits the current designs of their homes.

Visiting showrooms

The Company currently has 7 showrooms located in different parts of the country.

The latest warehouse, located in Houston TX, will open in December 2012.

The showroom address is:8017 Pinemont Suite 200 Houston, TX 77040

Three convenient ways to place orders

1) Order online – Customers can browser products and buy from the website directly. This is the fastest way to place an order.

2) Order by phone – For those who have questions and would prefer to communicate by phone can call the Company’s hotline: 1-800-701-0388.

3) Order in-person – Locate and visit a showroom near you!