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Are you tired of your plain-Jane looking bathroom that is in dire need of some love? How is it that when everything in your house is re-furnished and modernized, your bathroom still remains the same? It is time you visited our Chicago Showroom to give your bathroom the attention that it truly deserves.

At our Chicago Showroom you will be greeted by a large range of products from sinks to faucets to mirrors and every other exquisite item that your bathroom might be in need of. We promise you not only the most exclusive bathroom vanities in our Chicago Showroom but also at jaw dropping prices. Get your hands on our discount bathroom vanities and save up to 70%. Our team of experts and professionals here, would not only assist you with your selection but also make sure that you do not have any unresolved queries about the product that you are about to buy. We take pride in the fact that all our customers are completely satisfied with our service. Such expertise cannot be developed over a fortnight and comes only with years of experience that we possess.

Our 36 bathroom vanity series consist of vanity of 36 inches bath vanity sets. They are available in a variety of colors and designs and also have double bathroom vanity in case you have the luxury of a larger bathroom space. 36 bathroom vanity is also available in different styles like modern, contemporary or the good old traditional. They give you ample storage space to store all your toiletries and help your bathroom to be better organized. It comes in a perfect package of cabinets, mirror and sink. It has been so designed to save space in our bathroom. Our 36 bathroom vanity series is also available along with deals and discounts which call for some super saving for you!

At the Chicago Showroom, our professional and experienced staff understands your dynamic needs. They have been trained and groomed to deliver you quick and effective services that are apt for you. To add on to your shopping experience, you can browse through our store’s website which has a detailed and organized classification of all our products and designs. You can also walk into our Chicago Showroom to physically see the wide variety of our discount bathroom vanities collection yourself. You can either order your choice online and get it delivered at your doorstep or alternatively pick it up from our Chicago Showroom near you.

We offer unbeatable prices matched with quality that is hard to find elsewhere in Chicago. If bathroom modernization is what you are looking for, then look no more and stop by our Chicago showroom to experience the range of products that we have for you. You will surely find your perfect pick here!

Home Design Outlet Center -Bathroom Vanities Retailer To Open A New Showroom Warehouse In Los Angeles, CA

Home Design Outlet Center, a popular online retailer of bathroom vanities, is opening a brand new showroom in Los Angeles, CA.

The new showroom cum warehouse is located at:

6170 Valley View Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620

Shopping for bathroom vanities

The Internet has made it really convenient for consumers to search for product information. HomeDesignOutletCenter has a great website that allows customers to identify the bathroom products that they are looking for. The website is well organized, fast loading, and provides high quality images of all products. Pricing and dimensions of each and every product is also stated with each item to help consumers make buying decisions quickly.

A quick visit to the website would reveal that HomeDesignOutletCenter offers a wide range of bathroom related products. From bathroom vanities to bathroom vanity cabinets, everything is available at highly competitive prices.

“Many of our customers are surprised at the prices that we are able to offer,” said a spokes person from the Company. “We explain to them that we offer factory direct prices. This is clearly stated on our homepage. Without the middle layers, we are able to cut cost and pass on the savings to our customers.”

More than just competitive pricing

Quote often, customers don’t just make buying decisions based on price alone. They are also on the lookout for great customer service, and a pleasant shopping experience. Customers who have questions about the products can contact the support immediately via Live Chat, Email, or Phone.

This is how many online retailers operate – offer great products at great prices, and then offer great support. HomeDesignOutletCenter has done all that. In fact, they have gone the extra mile by setting up showrooms all over the country to allow customers to view the physical products.

These physical showrooms serve two primary purposes. The first is to allow customers to have a look at the actual products before making a buying decision. Many customers like to view the actual items first before buying. This is especially true for big ticket items. Customers can also take the opportunity to speak with a support representative face to face. All doubts can be clarified on the spot.

These showrooms also serve as product warehouses. By being close to customers, delivery time can be extremely fast. Instead of weeks, customers are pleasantly surprised when the products they order arrive at their doorstep within days!

Total customer satisfaction

All the above measures are taken to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases. The entire shopping process has been fine tuned to provide a pleasant shopping experience.

Customers browsing the Company’s website won’t find items that are out of stock and unavailable for ordering. Customer service reps are always polite and do not resort to pressure selling techniques. Most importantly, prices are ultra competitive, and delivery is fast!

To learn more about the Company and to browse bathroom vanities, please visit the official website –

Address of new showroom in Los Angeles, CA:

6170 Valley View Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620

Home Design Outlet Center, a fast growing online retailer of bathroom vanities and bathroom vanity cabinets, plans to open a new showroom warehouse in Los Angeles, CA this coming fall

Home Design Outlet Center, a fast growing online retailer of bathroom vanities and bathroom vanity cabinets, plans to open a new showroom warehouse in Los Angeles, CA this coming fall. This will be the first HomeDesignOutletCenter warehouse that is located in the West Coast.

The Company currently has showrooms in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Miami, Chicago, Virginia, and Orlando. These showrooms also function as warehouses for the Company to ensure that bathroom vanities are promptly delivered to customers.

“Having showrooms that also function as warehouses allow customers to browse the actual products if they want to,” said a spokes person from HomeDesignOutletCenter. “The added benefit is that we can ship products out to customers really fast. It’s a reinforcement of the message that Home Design Outlet Center really cares about customer service.”

Since its inception, the Company has taken great pains to ensure that it provides first class customer service. For instance, to ensure a pleasant shopping experience, Home Design Outlet Center does not compensate it’s staff on commission basis. This is to ensure that its staff does not employ any hard sell tactics that would create unpleasant buying experiences. In addition, all staff are equipped with adequate product knowledge so that customers can obtain the information they need from support and sales staff easily.

Product information is available on the Company’s official website. Customers can browse the website and identify the products that they need. Detailed information accompanies each and every product. That makes it easy for customers to make informed buying decisions. For example, a customer would be able to browse high quality photographs of the product. There are even product videos available on the website! If customers require any further assistance, they can always call or email the Company for assistance. Live Chat is also available for those who prefer online interaction.

The online website is just one aspect of the Company’s overall business strategy. Home Design Outlet Center also strives to provide competitive pricing. Customers may enjoy superb savings of up to 70%! How is this possible? Home Design Outlet Center allows customers to buy from factory direct. That means there are no unnecessary middle layers to increase the prices of the products. When there are several middle layers (e.g. distributors, dealers, etc), the cost of the products inevitably rises and such costs are usually passed on to customers. At Home Design Outlet Center, this undesirable scenario is avoided and customers are usually surprised by how much they can save when they shop at the website or showrooms.

“The showrooms allow us to be closer to our customers,” said the Company spokes person. “We can interact with them directly, provide pre-sales support, and show the actual physical items to them.”

After viewing the physical products, customers may opt to place orders on the spot. Alternatively, customers can take the time to review their options and then place their order at a later date. Orders can be placed on the Company’s official website or by phone.

Home Design Outlet Center official website: