Modern Bathroom Vanities for Dream Bathroom Design

Modern bathroom vanities are excellent when you have an overall design style, which is sleek and chic. People opting for linear simplicity in order to enjoy and cultivate a space’s true architecture, instead of overly accessorized and overly adorned spaces often opt for modern design. This is especially carried over to the design of their bathrooms. If your wish is to translate modern vision throughout your home, including the bathroom, then modern bathroom vanities are what you are looking for.

The reason why modern design is the preferred option in this regards is the clean, crisp, and streamlined cabinetry, which you find with modern bathroom vanities. Especially when you use white modern vanities, which automatically appear bright and does not darken a small space like a darker wood or black would. When you add a white modern bathroom vanity flush with the wall or on a corner of the bathroom, you create a minimal look to your vanity piece. Furthermore is it a great idea to add some strip lighting at the bottom of the cabinet as this cat a bright glow to the below floor automatically adding drama and dimension.

If needed you can add additional wall-to-wall storage by adding extra cabinets and one of the best recommended modern bathroom vanities which will work perfectly when you want to go modern is the Alya aw-125-77 modern bathroom vanity described below. To match the clean and crisp features of this modern bathroom vanity, which speaks of modern contemporary design, you should keep the rest of you bathroom furnishings matching the modern design. Keep surfaces, displays and clutter to a minimum on your vanity as well as elsewhere.

Another important factor worth mentioning is that the countertops of modern bathroom design also plays a big role in the clean, crispy lines you wish to achieve. Glass tops add a clean contemporary look and the simpler the edges and design the easier it is to maintain as well as adding to modern sophistication. You cannot ask for more space with the beautiful Alya Modern bathroom vanity. Filled with deep, comfortable drawers as well as a double cabinet with soft closing doors you also have the possibility of adding matching side cabinets if your space allows for it. A beautiful matching mirror is also available although it is not included with the initial purchase of the vanity as unit.

modern bathroom vanities

This freestanding all-white modern vanity comes with tempered glass countertop, which is 5/8-inches in thickness. This is one of the best freestanding modern bathroom vanities due to its number of drawers and cabinet. You will be able to add it to a large bathroom as additional bathroom vanity or use it in smaller spaced bathrooms with a single sink. The single sink is beautiful porcelain, but you have to buy the faucet separately as it is not included, although it does have single faucet openings as well. This elegant modern bathroom and hand crafted vanity comes with a pop-drain and no assembly is required as you purchase it as a finished cabinet.

Single and Fabulous Small Bathroom Vanities Available For Smaller Spaces

Bathroom and kitchen are the heart and soul of any house and apartment. The first thing that a woman checks when she enters a house is – whether the kitchen and bathroom are stunning and comfortable. Any woman, be it a working individual or a regular housewife – prefers their kitchen and bathroom uncluttered and beautiful. These rooms are like their own sanctuary, where they can relax and be at ease. In the real estate arena, these the first two places that the agent remodel and upgrade. In real estate, investing in a home or an apartment with practical and stunning bathroom fixtures and kitchen area often ensures a sale and high returns.

Sinks and vanities are very important in commanding a look of a bathroom. To potential customers and home buyers, these small details matter – whether the kitchen fixtures are up to date and beautiful looking, whether the faucets are working properly and contributing to the look, etc. Nowadays bathroom sinks and cabinets come in different sizes and shapes. You can even customize your own bathroom vanity according to your taste and requirements. Small bathroom vanities for smaller bathroom area, contemporary bathroom vanities for high end looks – everything is available nowadays.

Corner small bathroom vanities are very much in demand nowadays. Apartments and houses today have smaller areas, thus it is important to manage the space intelligently and sensibly.  Single small bathroom vanities are thus more in vogue today. These single vanities take less space and look stylish. The demand for such vanity sinks have increased in the recent decade. There are several companies that make and manufacture bathroom sinks and fixtures like – Wyndham collection, Xylem, Ronbow, BH, Bathroom essentials, so on and so forth.  All their products and vanities are available for potential customers and interested buyers.

Previously it was enough to have a beautiful house with comfortable surroundings to impress guests and acquaintances. Today things have changed tremendously – to have a suitable place to entertain guests, you need to have a stunning house which is cozy and comfortable with every modern essentials that a house can need. Your house needs to look beautiful to enhance and to complement your own personality. To have an ideal space, you need to invest proper time and money into your house. Nowadays many people consult a home decorator or an interior designer to make their house look fabulous. If you own proper resources, then you can also consult an interior decorator for yourself and your house.

To hire a house decorator, you need ample funds and resources. Many people are not that financially strong and stable. For such individuals there is a great tool through which they can transform their house and make it look stunning – i.e. internet. With the help of computer and internet services, individuals can research on home decorating ideas for his or her house and space. There are several blogs available online today which give people amazing tips on space management and home decoration.

Tips on having your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets updated

To switch out the bathroom vanity cabinets happens to be a simple and reasonably priced manner of jazzing up your lavatory particularly when tight on money and time. Novel vanity cabinets are able to alter the whole style & look of your present bathroom. Vanities happen to be the 2nd biggest component of a lavatory, with the tub being the primary. A straightforward switch happens to be all it does take and the outcome can alter the whole appearance, function, & worth of the bathroom. Vanities are available in an extensive collection of shapes, sizes, styles, & materials. To find one which best fits your function, design, & budget requirements are in fact quite straightforward. It all begins with knowing precisely what you require.

The fashion of bathroom vanity cabinets ought to be consistent with additional decorative things inside the bathroom. For example, if your present décor consists of customary pieces such as white molding, shelves, trim, & even bead board paneling on top of the walls you almost certainly would like to buy a cabinet that’s completed from wood & painted white for fitting well with the additional components. To stay unswerving in your design happens to probably be the most excellent suggestion we are able to provide you with. Even though a vanity cabinet might look wonderful at a shop, it does not necessary signify that it would be ideal in your lavatory. Remember the complete picture since the very last thing you require is spending even additional money on extra pieces when all you actually needed happens to be a vanity cabinet. It’s extremely simple to get carried away while shopping.

Bathroom vanity cabinets are able to be found to house single / double sinks. A 2nd sink is extremely suggested in the event of you having the space and not minding having to develop the plumbing for the extra sink. The 2nd sink’s a good-looking function that a lot of home purchasers seek today. A few cabinets happen to be designed for the exact setting up of vessel sinks / bowls. Cabinets also differ in the way in which they have to be mounted. A few cabinets are able to be wall mounted that provides them the look that they’re floating on top of the wall & additional open space beneath. This kind of mount is typically related to a more contemporary design but that does not signify it will not work in your lavatory. Based on the style & material, it is able to work just well for what you require but remember that you might lose a little storage room with this kind of mounting style.

Cabinet countertops happen to be one more thing you have to consider when marketing for bathroom vanity cabinets. The countertop has to be completed from a long-lasting & low maintenance matter particularly on your bathroom having high traffic. Glass’s for example not an excellent idea. Granite’s not just long-lasting but also does add worth to your lavatory since again, home purchasers today look forward to only the most excellent materials as far as kitchen & bathroom décor are concerned. Metals such as stainless steel are witnessing an increase in popularity due to their contemporary, clean, & sterile look.

As you’re able to see, there’s a great deal to consider while updating your present bathroom vanity cabinets.

Press Release: Home Design Outlet Center Opened New Showroom at Houston, TX Location

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Bathroom vanity retailer, Home Design Outlet Center has successfully opened a new showroom at Houston, TX. Customers are welcome to visit the showroom at the following address.

8017 Pinemont Drive Suite 200

Houston, TX 77040

The Houston showroom is the newest addition to the existing seven showrooms across the country. With the opening of Houston, TX showroom, that brings the grand total to eight showrooms.

When was first founded, sales were made online. Customers visit the Company’s official website to browse bathroom vanities. The website offers high-resolution product images as well as accurate measurements. Even though it’s easy to place orders on the Company’s website, the management feels that this is not enough.

As an online retailer of bathroom vanities, the Company hopes to improve on its core competencies. Besides offering highly competitive prices (up to 70% savings), places strong emphasis on service excellence as well as lightning fast delivery.

With customers from all over the country, the Company soon realized that they need to expand in order to better serve the needs of its customers. The plan was to open showrooms cum warehouses in different states. Of course, this did not happen overnight. It took a lot of hard work and effort from the staff to open one showroom after another.

With this press release, the would take the opportunity to thank all employees for the successful opening of the showrooms. With the opening of Houston, TX showroom, the Company would like to specially thank Halil Sari (Chicago Branch) and Bahadir Agbas (New Jersey Branch) for their dedicated work. Success is not possible without the loyal commitment and dedication of all employees.

So instead of just being able to buy bathroom vanities from the website, customers can now choose to visit a physical showroom to take a look at the actual product. Customers can also have their questions answered on the spot by knowledgeable sales staff. To ensure service excellence, the Company chooses not to compensate sales staff on commission basis. Without a commission compensation structure, customers can shop with peace of mind, knowing that they won’t be pressured into making a buying decision when they visit a showroom.

Homeowners can now expect to enjoy these benefits when shopping at

1) Wide variety of bathroom related products – vanities, floor tiles, shower panels faucets and more. Products are also guaranteed to be in stock.

2) Highly competitive pricing – Bathroom vanities can be very costly. Homeowners can save a bundle when they shop at because they get to buy at factory direct prices. Savings can be as high as 70% off!

3) Excellent sales service – The Company offers support via email, live chat and phone. With the opening of showrooms, customers can also talk to the sales staff directly to get the information they need.

4) Fast delivery – The showrooms also serve as warehouses. So products are usually shipped out from the nearest warehouse. That translates to lightning fast deliveries.

To locate other showrooms, please visit the Company’s official website:

Latest showroom: Bathroom vanities Houston, TX

8017 Pinemont Drive Suite 200

Houston, TX 77040

Discount does not Mean Ugly – a Guide to Purchasing Discount Bathroom Vanities

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A bathroom vanity may be just the thing you require for adding a touch of class to your restroom. Vanities are able to be fairly costly, but on you getting money off one you are able to save much money.

There isn’t any need to be concerned that discount bath vanities are lesser quality compared to a non-discounted one. Discount bath vanities are frequently crafted from extremely first-rate materials. They’re typically discounted for the reason that the retailer is basically having difficulty selling them, not for the reason that they happen to be of substandard quality.

In the event of you being interested in buying a discount bathroom vanity, you must be familiar with where to seek them. Discount bath vanities are not able to be found just anywhere. You require having a plan. The three most excellent places to seek happen to be, eBay, home improvement stores as well as the classifieds part of the local newspaper.

Home improvement shops such as Lowes frequently carry a widespread assortment of Discount bath vanities. They are in addition simple to locate, that makes them the most excellent place to begin seeking your new bathroom vanity. For optimizing your hunt in Lowes as well as similar shops, ensure that you give a call to the shop beforehand and ask what type of vanities they’ve in supply so that you’re not going to be disappointed.
Google’s in addition a magnificent place to seek. Website retailers regularly post fresh Discount bath vanities, and a vast range is obtainable. You are never going to feel as if your options are being limited in any case if you make use of a company that’s of good reputation.

EBay is in addition one better one due to their grand repayment policies. On finding that your novel bath vanity doesn’t go well with your tastes subsequent to your buying it, you are always able to have it sent back and get a complete refund. eBay’s extremely good about making sure that none’s ripped off, and you are usually able to depend on the individuals you work with on eBay.

In the event of you being distrustful of making use of eBay, you are always able to attempt the classifieds part of the local newspaper. The classifieds happen to be more and more underutilized because additional people center on sites such as eBay, but there’re still a large number of transactions to be got there.

The major trick to making use of the classifieds part is to be enduring. It is able to take an extended time for discount bath vanities to be stated in the classifieds.

Having found a listing you’re concerned in inside the classifieds, ensure and provide the seller with a call ASAP.

While calling the vendor, ensure and make a scheduled time for being able to have a look at the bath vanity prior to purchasing it. Sometimes individuals make use of the classifieds part for committing fraud, and you must defend yourself against it.

If you’ve been considering remodeling your restroom lately, go out & begin seeking a discount bath vanity for sprucing your lavatory up with. There’re such a lot of options present that you’re more or less certain to hit upon something you are fond of at a charge you are able to have enough money for.



To Bring Out The Best In Your Bathroom, And You




A bathroom is a very simple and easy to decorate space.It doesn’t require plush cloth covers or art decor,or years of careful accumulation to get right unlike several other rooms like the hall or the living space.But that does not mean that the bath and bathroom vanities are features of the house that can be neglected.A bath is constantly exposed to damp and wear and tear,so it has to be both useful and durable,otherwise the most important rituals of the day from the morning shower to brushing your teeth at night,might be irrevocable hampered.

We’ll give you some tips while choosing modern bathroom vanities for use in all types of living quarters,and for all budgets.

  1. Old fashioned or new fashion  come in many different styles and designs, but the two broad categories in which they are divided are the old fashioned vanities,made of wood with large mirrors, that are beautiful regal looking additions to the home, or the new  which are made of unconventional materials,like metal, glass, plywood, ceramic, etc. And are lighter, simpler, more functional and often cheaper as well.The choice lies in the type of house a person has if you have a large, partitioned bathroom, where there is little chance of moisture reaching them then the wooden, heavy mode… might be to your taste. But these are hard to maintain, move or repair.So for the ordinary bathroom, it’s best to choose them Which are made of materials that are more moisture proof, and lighter, so that they can be easily transported.
  2. Wall hanging or movable vanities are available in two main types those that are built into the wall, or hang on hooks attached to the wall. And those which suit on the floor.Which type you prefer depends upon what kind of floor of the bathroom you have if you have a lot of dry floor space,then a floor placed modern bathroom vanities is right for you, but if you have a small bathroom, and want to save space, a wall hanging modern bathroom vanities cupboard should best meet your needs.
  3. Number of shelves this again depends on the owner’s needs, and the type of stuff he/ she wishes to keep in the modern bathroom vanities if you have a lot of bulky , big things, like large boxes, clothes, etc. Then a large vanity with big deep shelves and lots of racks should be best for you. But if all you keep is a few bath supplies, a toothbrush, and a few make up things or medicines, then a small modern bathroom vanities with fewer racks should do for you.

These are just some basic guidelines to follow while choosing modern bathroom vanities. For more information, as around with friends and family, and also look up online and call some experts to choose the perfect fit for you.

Rediscover The Beauty Of The Bathroom




The bathroom is the‘you’room of every house.It’s a place where,even in this busy world,you can find some peace and tranquility,shower away the grime and worries of the day,and fix your inner self for the day ahead every morning.So when you’re choosing the design and furnish of your bathroom,why put any less effort or thought into it than you would for say-your living room? With Los Angeles California 60”Vanities and Double Bathroom Vanities,every time you step into the bathroom,you’ll walk out feeling like a new and rejuvenated person.

A bathroom’s decoration should be perfect and serene,even if the rest of the house is exciting and energetic.Soft whites,creams,blues,pinks and greens,these colors are scientific study proved to relax the senses and promote growth,so these are the colors you should put into your bathroom.Be it the shower mats,the shower curtain,the colour of the towels,the tiles underneath your feet,or the 60’’bathroom vanities you install,everything should help you relax,not drive you into further chaos.

But the colour scheme is not the only thing that needs to be considered while choosing Los Angeles California 60”Vanities and Double Bathroom Vanities and other furnishings. Durability and efficiency is also extremely important.While choosing tiles,for example,choose a ceramic tile or some other easily washable,waterproof flooring or tile.Paper wall paper may look cute on the walls,but in a damp place like the bathroom,these are only likely to be worn away and ruined by the constant moisture.So exposed brick,plaster or tiles seem the best bathroom options.Even for 60’’bathroom vanities and other vanities,it’s important to consider looks and durability.A right size cabinet,a metal or ceramic kitchen sink,a glass or plastic mirror,these are details that should be given due thought.

If you share the bathroom with someone else,like a partner or a big family,then  Los Angeles California 60”Vanities,especially Double Bathroom Vanities,like bigger sinks,his and her fittings,twin cupboards and clothes racks and other knickknacks make the bathroom more efficient and homely.

But the most worrying part of a bathroom is its constant damp,and the chance of a leak.That’s why,while the externals of a bathroom are important,the internals are even more so.The quality of the pipes in the shower and sink,the toilet and drains,the rust proof ability of the metal parts of the bathroom,these all are important in making your Los Angeles California 60”Vanities and Double Bathroom Vanities perfect.

When all is said and done Los Angeles California 60”Vanities and Double Bathroom Vanities should be chosen keeping three things in mind-durability,looks and affordability.While it’s good to go bargain shopping,it’s worthwhile paying more for a good quality double bathroom vanities,rather than having them wear away just a year or less after they are installed. Look online,and consider your own individual needs and conditions before committing yourself to a bathroom-after all,you’ll be spending a very important part of every day there!

Buy Bathroom Vanities From Chicago Showroom !

Are you tired of your plain-Jane looking bathroom that is in dire need of some love? How is it that when everything in your house is re-furnished and modernized, your bathroom still remains the same? It is time you visited our Chicago Showroom to give your bathroom the attention that it truly deserves.

At our Chicago Showroom you will be greeted by a large range of products from sinks to faucets to mirrors and every other exquisite item that your bathroom might be in need of. We promise you not only the most exclusive bathroom vanities in our Chicago Showroom but also at jaw dropping prices. Get your hands on our discount bathroom vanities and save up to 70%. Our team of experts and professionals here, would not only assist you with your selection but also make sure that you do not have any unresolved queries about the product that you are about to buy. We take pride in the fact that all our customers are completely satisfied with our service. Such expertise cannot be developed over a fortnight and comes only with years of experience that we possess.

Our 36 bathroom vanity series consist of vanity of 36 inches bath vanity sets. They are available in a variety of colors and designs and also have double bathroom vanity in case you have the luxury of a larger bathroom space. 36 bathroom vanity is also available in different styles like modern, contemporary or the good old traditional. They give you ample storage space to store all your toiletries and help your bathroom to be better organized. It comes in a perfect package of cabinets, mirror and sink. It has been so designed to save space in our bathroom. Our 36 bathroom vanity series is also available along with deals and discounts which call for some super saving for you!

At the Chicago Showroom, our professional and experienced staff understands your dynamic needs. They have been trained and groomed to deliver you quick and effective services that are apt for you. To add on to your shopping experience, you can browse through our store’s website which has a detailed and organized classification of all our products and designs. You can also walk into our Chicago Showroom to physically see the wide variety of our discount bathroom vanities collection yourself. You can either order your choice online and get it delivered at your doorstep or alternatively pick it up from our Chicago Showroom near you.

We offer unbeatable prices matched with quality that is hard to find elsewhere in Chicago. If bathroom modernization is what you are looking for, then look no more and stop by our Chicago showroom to experience the range of products that we have for you. You will surely find your perfect pick here!

Discount Bathroom Vanity- Do not miss the opportunity !

Thinking of redesigning your bathroom, but worried about the high prices of bathroom vanities and other bathroom fittings? Then your worries would be resolved at our Chicago showroom where you can get discount bathroom vanity. Why pay more, when you have available the best of everything at affordable prices that comes with quality assurance. When it comes to bathroom vanity you need to go to experts who can guide you well and assure you of quality products and we do just that at extremely reasonable prices. At our Chicago showroom we have been satisfying customers by giving them the best of products and services over time.

At our Chicago Showroom you will be greeted by bathroom fittings that range from sinks to faucets to mirrors and every other exquisite item that your bathroom might be in need of. We promise you not only the most exclusive bathroom vanities in our Chicago Showroom but also at jaw dropping prices. Get your hands on our discount bathroom vanities and save up to 70%. To further enhance your shopping experience we also have weekly deals and discounts on selected products along with season sale. We

Redesigning your bathroom can not only be a time consuming but also an expensive affair. With soaring prices, selecting the vanity you want should not be compromised with the vanity that fits into your budget. To solve all your pricing worries, we offer you steep discount bathroom vanity in our Chicago showroom at exactly the same prices that they are available online. So you can either make your purchase at the comfort of your home or walk in to our Chicago Showroom and select the discount bathroom vanity that you need for refurnishing your bathroom.

Our 36 bathroom vanity is a series of bathroom vanities that you must put your hands on while redesigning your bathroom. This 36 inches bathroom vanity series is available in designs and styles that can blend into your bathroom while also standing apart for its exquisite appeal. This discount bathroom vanity is available in single and double forms with modern as well as traditional designs. These are easy to install, take up less space and have almost zero maintenance. 36 bathroom vanity is affordable, trendy and gives you ample space of storage for all your bath products that are often found littered all around the bathroom.

At the Chicago Showroom, our professional and experienced staff understands your dynamic needs. They have been trained and groomed to deliver you quick and effective services that would be the best suited for you. This expertise comes with years of experience in the field of customer satisfaction which we have proudly excelled in. With unbeatable product standards, competitive and discounted prices and an efficient team of co-workers- we have been consistently striving to make your bathroom a better and modern place to be in.