Shower Panels

Want the comfort of a home spa but don't have room for a big tub? Our shower panels are a foot or less wide, about 60 inches tall, and a perfect alternative for bathrooms where luxury is wanted but space is a consideration. In this small space is an array of controls designed to allow you to take control of your entire shower experience creating an inexpensive way to modernize your shower time without having to make room for a large whirlpool. Want a hand-held shower head that you can move freely over your body? Perhaps you'd prefer an adjustable massage jet. These options plus glass shelves for your soap, chrome shampoo holders and more are available with something for everyone's budget including models less than $200. Our designs come in contemporary, classic contemporary, and extra tall. So no matter what look you're trying to achieve in your new bathroom, we are confident that you'll find a shower panel that looks great.

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