Why Choose Home Design Outlet Center ?

Best in price

For years, Home Design Outlet Center has been offering quality bathroom products at highly competitive pricing. Customers enjoy low prices because the products arrive directly from factories. In other words, factory direct prices are being offered to customers.

“It’s hard for customers to find similar products that are offered at such affordable prices,” commented a spokes person from the Company. “Some customers even find the promise too good to be true. So we encourage them to visit our showrooms to view the actual products before making a buying decision.”

Being Closer To Customers

Home Design Outlet Center realizes that it is of great importance to be close to their customers. Although purchases can be made directly on the website, there will always be customers who will buy products such as bathroom vanity cabinets only after inspecting the actual goods.

First, the spaces also act as showrooms. Customers can visit the New Jersey showroom and check out the products in person before making a purchase. Those who would prefer face to face consultations can also get to speak with the support staff to acquire important information about the products that they are interested in.

In addition, by having warehouse we can ensure that customers receive their items as quickly as possible. Usually, orders are processed within 1 to 2 working days. The items are then shipped out, and customers can expect to receive the items with 2 to 7 days!

Does quick delivery come with a premium?

Customers will be pleasantly surprised to learn that shipping is free at Home Design Outlet Center. We also offers free pick ups from our location. .

High quality products

Having competitive prices doesn’t mean that the products offered are of inferior quality. In fact, Home Design Outlet Center offers some of the highest quality bathroom vanities in the market.

There is a wide selection of bathroom products available on our official website. Vanities are available in modern and fashionable designs. They come in different sizes and colors to ensure that customers can find something suitable that fits the budget and design.

Visiting showrooms

Our showroom is located at 400 County Ave Secaucus, New Jersey.

Three convenient ways to place orders

1) Order online – You can browser products and buy from the website directly. This is the fastest way to place an order.

2) Order by phone – For those who have questions and would prefer to communicate by phone can call us 1-800-701-0388.

3) Order in-person – Locate and visit our Kitchen And Bath Tile Showroom

Discount Bathroom Vanities Available At New Jersey Showroom

Hasn’t bathroom redesigning always been on your top priority list? And how many times have you backed out of the idea because of the high prices of bathroom vanities? Small bathroom vanities or the large bathroom vanities, overpriced products have never been appealing to consumers. But with us, you would never have to face such over pricing issues again.

Not only are our prices well balanced and extremely competitive, we are also offering you great discounts on bathroom vanities. We respect your budget and also understand that your redesigning plans should not be curbed due to budgetary constraints. With this very belief we are giving you steep discounts on small bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets that would convert your bathroom designs that were restricted to your imaginations in to reality.

At our New Jersey showroom, the discount bathroom vanities collection comprises of all the necessities that your bathroom might be in need of during redesigning. From small bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets to 84 inch bathroom vanity- the discount bathroom vanities collection has everything in store for you! Discounts up to 70% and more!

We also offer discounts on 84 inch bathroom vanity which is a series of bathroom vanities that you must put your hands on while redesigning your bathroom. This 84 inches bathroom vanity series is available in designs and styles that can blend into your bathroom while also standing apart for its exquisite appeal. This discount bathroom vanity is available in single and double forms with modern as well as traditional designs. These are easy to install, take up less space and have almost zero maintenance. 84 inch bathroom vanity is affordable, trendy and gives you ample space of storage for all your bath products and toiletries that are often found littered all around the bathroom.

Our New Jersey showroom staff is ready to help you to pick up bathroom vanities, tiles and more for your bathrooms. Our staff has expertise and knowledge that will make sure that you pick up the right thing in terms of trend and quality.

At our New Jersey Kitchen And Bath Tile Showroom you will come across variety of designs of discount bathroom vanities, whether they are bathroom cabinets or small bathroom vanities.

We have something unique for each one of you out there to make your bathroom a bit more special. In case you are looking for something more unique and customized, you can give our experts the specifications that you are looking for and we will have it made especially for you and delivered at your doorstep!

Importance Of Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

Don’t we all check ourselves in our bathroom mirror before walking out? Is your mirror not your favorite bathroom item? And what if your beloved mirror could be a part of your single sink bathroom vanity? It would be a deal you will never want to miss!

We are pioneers of bathroom vanities New Jersey. From modern vanity sets to single sink bathroom vanities, from tiles to stylish faucets, at our New Jersey Showroom there is everything available for all your bathroom renovations. At the New Jersey showroom you also get a large variety of single sink bathroom vanity sets that come in many sizes, designs and colors. Sizes that vary from 24 inches to the 60 inches.

We have unique bathroom products for every budget. Our single sink bathroom vanities has some excellent features which makes it the most compact and the most indispensible product in your bathroom. Along with size variations it also comes in double and single sizes. A double size vanity set includes two sinks, twice the storage space and two mirrors, whereas a single sink bathroom vanity has one of each.

A single sink bathroom vanity takes up less space and gives you ample room for storing all your bathroom products and toiletries in an organized fashion. It also helps you get rid of those ugly protruding shelves that make your bathroom look clumsy. We live in times of contemporary fashion where sleek is class and spacious is effective. Our single sink bathroom vanity gives you room for all of that. This single sink bathroom vanity is easy to install and easy to maintain.

At our New Jersey showroom you would come across professional staff and experts who will help you pick the most suited single sink bathroom vanity set for your bathroom. Our experts ensure that you pick up the correct bathroom vanity that your bathroom truly needs.

It sometimes does get confusing to choose the perfect bathroom vanity since there are so many alternatives available to confuse us. An expert assistance in such a situation comes as a blessing. Our team has been in this field for years and understands the tastes and needs of the customers. And only a team that knows its clients well can serve them better. A satisfied customer base is what we pride ourselves in and this has been achieved only due to a deep understanding of market mechanisms and consumer trends.

You can check are website which has been so designed to satisfy you visually with pictures and specifications of all the products that we have. It has been categorically organized with prices and discounts of every bathroom vanity that you have been looking for. Once satisfied, you can place an order with us and get your product delivered free.

Buying A Bathroom Sink Cabinet

Buying a simple looking bathroom sink cabinet from your local store was never a difficult task. You could easily get one that would later be installed by your local plumber. Bathroom sink cabinets have been given a whole new dimension. From being a boring and regular occurrence in found in every bathroom to being converted into a masterpiece, we have made it possible.

Our range of bathroom sink cabinets continue to surprise you with their designs, style and the creative genius that goes behind the makeover of one of the most basic bathroom vanity to an exclusive product. Unique products are often difficult to possess, and that is what makes our bathroom sink cabinets stand apart. Though known for its distinctive appeal, they are extremely affordable.

At our New Jersey showroom, we have a whole range of bathroom sink cabinets that include different colors, design, texture and even style. These bathroom sink cabinets are available in traditional styles, modern as well as contemporary styles.

Our range of bathroom sink cabinets has a twofold utility dimension to it. It is not only extremely visually appealing but it also possesses a host of utility that are indispensible. This bathroom sink cabinet gives comes with a mirror, cabinet and sink. They also come in double and single size.

These bathroom sink cabinets are also available in different sizes. Like 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 42 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches and so on. They are available in single vanity as well as double vanity set.

Buying bathroom sink cabinets at the New Jersey showroom has become very easy. Not only do we have a large collection of vanities to choose from but also a very well trained professional staff. Our professional staff makes it extremely convenient for you to choose the correct bathroom vanities and also at extremely affordable prices.

These cheap bathroom vanities are available at extremely competitive prices and often at prices that are hard to find in the rest of the market. Our professional staff at the New Jersey showroom understands your need of buying rich bathroom vanities at affordable prices. We have trained our professionals at our New Jersey showroom such that they know exactly about the market trends and advice you to pick up the right bathroom vanity that speaks of class, elegance and also quality.

To offer you further convenience, we have an online store that offers the same collection as our showroom. You can browse our website in the comfort of your home and place your order. The discounted and cheap bathroom vanities will be delivered at your doorstep. Our professional team is also available for the online store with the same zest as for our New Jersey showroom.