Transitional Bathroom Vanities

Transitional bathroom vanities literally are the style that are right in between traditional and modern.The transitional style is a really effective way to bring your bathroom design to up to date, without being too modern. Transitional bathroom vanities never run out of style and they will bean elegant addition to any bathroom with sleek their style and functionality.

Vanity By Design 28 inch Transitional Bathroom Vanity Set in Navy Blue

Let’s take a look at some of the transitional vanity designs.

Transitional Double Bathroom Vanity

This 84 inch transitional double bathroom vanity features a unique blending of modern style with traditional design elements to create a piece that makes a beautiful addition to any bathroom. This vanity has a cool finish, smooth with modern lines. Sliding, barn-style cabinet doors give this vanity a truly unique touch.

Lexora Marsyas 84 inch Double Transitional Vanity Cabinet in Brown

Single Transitional Vanity

James Martin Brittany transitional single bathroom vanity designed to merge traditional and modern tastes. The tapered legs are a nod to the past, but the restrained use of ornamentation suggests a modern aesthetic. Interior space and storage are ample. The top row “tip out drawer utilizes the space in front of the sink.

James Martin Furniture Brittany 36 inch Transitional Single Vanity In Victory Blue

Visit Home Design Outlet Center to see the great selection of transitional bathroom vanity designs on display. Our selection includes single and double vanity options in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Add A Touch Of Class With Transitional Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Coastal Bathroom Vanities

If you love the coast, bring it home with a coastal bathroom vanity. There’s no better way to feel the ocean in the comfort of your bathroom. There’s just something so comforting about the coast, like soft whites and blue colors, natural materials. There are various types of coastal bathroom designs with different features.

To the atmosphere of being close to the ocean, there are several factors need to be taken into consideration. The vanity cabinet is the main focus your bathroom, so you want to make sure you get the right coastal vanity.

Here are the tips on how to pick a bathroom vanity for your coastal themed bathroom. 

Light Blue Coastal Bathroom Vanity


The most common colors for a coastal vanity are white, different tones of blue, gray, sea green, navy. Combination of a neutral colors and blue or green matches really well. Most popular color for bathroom vanities white or gray color. You can use the other colors for rest of the bathroom to bring a sea-side feel. 


Best material to use for a coastal bathroom vanity base is natural wood. A stone countertop to complement the vanity cabinet will be an excellent choice. 

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide


There are some designs that will give you the feeling of being at the beach. One of the most common design is the open bottom vanities. You can place woven baskets on these shelves as they are perfect addition to a coastal themed bathroom.

Alya Bath Wilmington 60 inch Open Bottom Double Bathroom Vanity in White with Carrera Marble Top

Here is one of the most popular model of the coastal bathroom vanity set with white drawers and a shelf, and a Carrara marble countertop. It is very practical, yet subtle and bright. Drawers have a chrome metal rectangular holders.

Virtu Caroline 60 inch Double Coastal Bathroom Vanity Set

If you have the desire to be close to the coast, don’t wait until the next vacation. With the coastal bathroom vanity, you feel close to the water. And you will have a refreshing experience in your bathroom as well.

Bathroom Furniture

Designing your living room or bedroom will not add much value to your home. You need to pay more attention to bathroom design to increase the value of your real estate. Bathroom furniture is a significant accessory for designing your bathroom. There are diverse styles of bathroom furnitures, such as vanity cabinets for your bathroom.

James Martin Furniture Bainbridge 36 inch Bathroom Vanity

You can find bathroom furniture in your budget that will match the look of your current bathroom. With some research, you can find many different styles that diverse in materials.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets


The styles vary from traditional, modern, transitional, contemporary to antique. You should pick the one that suits your taste and complements the design of your bathroom.


Vanity cabinets come in several sizes, and you can choose the one that fits in your space. For smaller bathrooms select a single sink bath vanity. If you have a larger space you can consider a double bath vanity that will offer you additional counter space and more storage.

Storage is a vital consideration when choosing your vanity. You should make sure that a bath vanity that’s beautiful but also does make your bathroom look orderly and tidy.

Wall Mount Vs Free Standing

The vanity cabinet that you select will change the entire look of your bathroom. If you want to creating an illusion of floating, you can select wall mounted cabinets instead free standing standing ones.

Vanity Tops

The bath vanity tops are available in a variety of materials and styles too. You can choose from ceramic, granite, marble, stainless steel, wood, and glass.

The modern designs are sleek and sharp, and conventional designs are capable of making your bathroom appear more stylish. So, make your mind up about the bath vanities that go with your style, and select the most excellent one you can find within your budget.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide


Bathroom Mirrors play an important role in bathroom décor, providing the necessary reflection in a bath. This reflected light create depth and help to visually expand the feel of a room. 

Modern Bathroom Vanities With LED Mirrors

Linen Towers

You can get all of your bathroom supplies organized and stored with a new linen tower.

Alya Bath Norwalk Collection White Linen Tower

Wall Shelves

Bathroom wall shelves free up space. They are great decorative addition that can also be used to store your bathroom essentials.

Bathroom Wall Shelves

Heated Towel Racks

Do not overlook the heated towel racks. Heated towel racks, heated towel bars, towel warmers or drying racks; they all do the same job. They dry wet or damp towels, provide warm towels and heats your bathroom as well.

Heated Towel Racks

At Home Design Outlet Center, you will find a great selection unique and beautiful bathroom furniture and bath accessories. Bathroom furniture will create sophistication and class in your bathroom. We boast a large collection of great bathroom vanities, bath mirrors, faucets, tiles, bath accessories and more. Whether you are remodeling your entire bathroom or just looking for a vanity, you will find what you need here.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Nothing completes the unique look of a modern bathroom quite like floating bathroom vanities. While adding a stunning modern appearance, floating vanities free up the floor space in any bathroom. Wall hung vanities are the ideal addition to any bathroom. They are the most important components of a contemporary bathroom remodeling project. 

Floating Double Bathroom Vanity

What’s a floating vanity?

A floating vanity is a bathroom cabinet that is hung to the wall at desired height. Floating vanities open up the space and provide a modern, sophisticated appearance to your bathroom. These vanities are mounted to the wall and sit completely off the floor, giving the appearance of a floating cabinet. They look cool and they are sleek alternative to the traditional vanity.

Floating bathroom vanity ideas are a growing bathroom design trend. They can fit into bathrooms of any style: modern, minimalist, contemporary or industrial. Some floating bathroom vanity designs can cut down on storage space. In some bathrooms, the space underneath a floating bathroom vanity can be used for storage with the addition of curated baskets. 

At Home Design Outlet Center, you will find a remarkable selection unique and beautiful bathroom vanity cabinets suitable for mounting on any wall. These vanity sets will create sophistication and class in your bathroom. Our collection of wall-mounted floating bathroom vanities are sure to last a lifetime. We boast a large collection of great wall mounted floating vanities. Whether you are looking for single sink vanity or double sink vanity styles, modern or antique vanities, you will find what you need here.

Modern Bath Vanity Buying Guide

Modern bath vanities offer come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. You want to choose a cabinet that meets your needs and fits your personal style and also matches your design. 

Blossom Sydney 48″ Double Modern Vanity Set with Vessel Sinks and Mirrors In Metal Gray


The most important part of shopping for a modern bathroom vanity is to know if it will fit in your space. You need to start your search with finding out the width and depth of the vanity. If you conduct your search within those parameters, you will save great amount of time. First, measure the width of the space where the vanity will be installed. Take into consideration that, you need to access plumbing and avoid covering space where doors, or other items are. Next, measure the depth from the wall to determine how deep the vanity will fit. Make sure the doors will be able to open and close. Finally, make sure the height of the vanity is suitable for you. If you have existing vanities, you can measure them to get an idea of dimensions.


Our selection of contemporary single vanities with tops comes in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The cabinet’s style should meet your needs and fits your personal style. It’s important for the vanity to match your bathroom design but don’t forget the functionality of the cabinet. If you need more storage, look for vanities with drawers. You can also change the style of many cabinet by selecting the countertop, sink or the hardware.


You will need to think about the storage options. Our modern sink vanities come with drawers and shelves inside the cabinets. You will need to consider what type of items you need to store in the vanity. Some vanities designs offer no storage options. If you choose design over cabinet storage, medicine cabinets might be the solution.


Most of the modern vanity sinks have predrilled single hole faucet opening. Make sure you select the correct style faucet for your modern vanity.


Once you make your selection, you will need to make sure the vanity has proper opening in the back for plumbing. Conduct a final review to ensure all pieces work together.

Shop for the best modern bathroom vanities at Home Design Outlet Center and Enjoy Free Shipping.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Best Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern Bathroom Vanities With LED Mirrors

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Best Modern Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom remodeling should be a fun project, especially while choosing a vanity. There are so many options in modern bath vanity designs, some people find it difficult to make a decision. The vanity is the main focus of every bathroom, so you want to make sure to choose the perfect vanity that best suits your tastes and budget. 

Double Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity In White

If you’re planning a modern bathroom remodel, here are the best modern bath vanities on the market for you.

Small Modern Bathroom Vanity

Innovative design and economical in size make this Bliss 16 inch wall mounted bathroom vanity ideal for any smaller location. This small modern bathroom vanity ensures that regardless the color scheme at hand, anyone is sure to complete their space with guaranteed cutting contemporary chicness. This 16 Inch model comes with a reinforced Acrylic sink, MDF Wood Constructed Console with high quality European Hardware, that provides smooth soft-closing operation.

Modern Floating Vanity

Alya Bath Ripley Collection 54 inch modern wall mounted double bathroom vanity is one of the most spacious models. This wall hung vanity has all the storage you need and the elegance you desire. A white, one piece acrylic sink, soft closing doors and self closing drawers add to its unique design. If contemporary design is your style, this vanity will complete the one of a kind sleek and modern look in your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Vanity 60 inch

The wall-mounted Amelie 60 inch bathroom vanity in navy blue from Lexora is a beautiful blending of postmodern style and sensible functionality. Its simple, box-like design lends hints of classical style. When hung on the wall, the Amelie vanity leaves ample space beneath for additional storage ideal for bathrooms with limited space.

Available in three colors, you can easily match this vanity to any bathroom décor. This modern vanity is all you need to give your bathroom a total makeover.

60 inch Modern Wall Hung Vanity in Navy Blue

Modern Vanity in Blue

James Martin Linear modern vanity collection has three cabinet widths: 36 inch 59 inch and 72 inch. The wider cabinets: 59 inch and 72 inch features a component with electrical and USB outlets. Also, a faux shagreen drawer organizer is included.

Cabinets are constructed with premium hardwood plywood cores with solid wood braces and brackets. The Glossy White cabinet exterior is made from solid Birch and Poplar. And, the exteriors of both walnut color finishes are crafted from solid American Walnut. They also feature custom sized solid surface countertops with integrated basins.

James Martin Furniture Linear 36 inch Single Vanity Victory Blue

Open Bottom Modern Bath Vanities

Alya Bath Wilmington Collection bathroom vanities provide a contemporary design that is perfect for any bathroom remodel. This free standing, open bottom modern vanity collection is built with solid wood construction, and offers soft closing doors and drawers with brushed nickel hardware. Each vanity comes fully assembled with the Carrara white marble top and ceramic sink is attached to the cabinet base for easy installation. This vanity collection has plenty of countertop space and a roomy open bottom shelf.

Alya Wilmington Collection Open Bottom Modern Bathroom Vanities

Shop our best selection of modern bathroom vanities at Home Design Outlet Center, where you can buy online or  explore our showroom for designs and ideas.

Bathroom Vanities 24 inch And Under

24 inch width is a standard bathroom vanity size which come in many different colors and styles. Less than 24 inch bathrooms vanities are the smaller than the standard size bathroom vanity and the selection limited. They are all perfect for the small bathrooms.

We have picked the best 24 inch and under vanities in different styles, wall mount or free standing, in traditional or modern a design that suits your taste. 

Free Standing 24 inch Bathroom Vanity

Alya Bath Lancaster 24 inch bathroom vanity come with two-door cabinet that provides space for all your bathroom essentials. The white ceramic sink that features a rounded shape that extends out completes the perfect look. This contemporary sink vanity is the perfect fit for a powder room or small bathroom. Price: $329

Wall Mounted 24 inch Bathroom Vanity

Alya Bath Ripley Collection 24 inch modern wall mounted bathroom vanity is a perfect addition to any bathroom. This modern vanity with sleek and elegant design features a soft-closing drawer for your convenience. The white integrated acrylic sink gives it a total clean modern look. Price $499

Alya Bath 24″ Modern Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity 

24 inch Bathroom Vanity With Drawer

Alya Bath Vineyard Collection 24 inch bathroom with drawer provides a transitional design that is perfect for any bathroom remodel. Offering the expected durability with the construction of solid wood is what makes this collection unique. Every vanity has the ¾ inch dovetail drawer with full-extension and soft closing glides. For easy installation, each vanity comes fully assembled with the white integrated ceramic sink. Already assembled brushed nickel hardware will be sure to complete the elegant look of your bathroom. Designed with a smaller space in mind, this vanity has plenty of countertop space and a roomy display bottom shelf. Price $389

24 inch Bathroom Vanity With Vessel Sink

Sydney 24 inch bathroom vanity with vessel sink is constructed with solid wood. Each with a white quartz top and ceramic vessel sink, bringing a crisp contemporary look for your bathroom. Each door and drawer is crafted with Soft close designs. Vessel sink depicts elegance through a contemporary smooth look to match your style. The bottom drawers of this series provide adequate storage space for daily bathroom necessities. Completing this set, is a matching framed wall mirror which features the same beautifully rich colors of vanity’s colors. Price $899

24 inch Wall Mount Vanity With Vessel Sink

The Portland 24” wall hung vanity set with vessel sink is elegantly constructed of solid hardwood. The square ceramic vessel sink and tempered aqua glass countertop bring a contemporary and elegant look to any bathroom. The sink comes with a chrome finish pop-up drain, designed for easy one-touch draining. The two vanity drawers run the width of the unit and are adorned with satin nickel hardware. A single mirror with espresso frame accents is included. The Portland Collection Bathroom Vanity is designed as a centerpiece to awe and inspire the eye without sacrificing quality, functionality, or durability.

Less Than 24 inch Bathroom Vanities

Vanities that are less than 24 inch wide are all under one category at Home Design Outlet Center. You can find the perfect vanity for your small bathrooms here.

Less Than 24 inch Bathroom Vanities
Less Than 24 inch Bathroom Vanities

18 inch Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity

Kubebath Bliss Collection 18 inch wide wall mount modern vanities come in six different colors. They are perfect for smaller bathrooms.

24 inch Bathroom Vanity Combo

Monaco, 24 inch bathroom vanity combo with mirror is a versatile, transformable and storage friendly. The Monaco vanity collection is a modern and elegant design made to fit any bathroom. 

Blossom Monaco 24″ Vanity Combo Set with Mirror and Chrome Legs In Matte White

24 inch Vanity With Marble Top

Alya Bath Richmond Collection 24 inch Bathroom Vanity with marble top will give your bathroom a refresh look with its sleek and sophisticated design. Built from solid wood, this freestanding vanity is topped with a Carrara marble top and white ceramic under mount sink. Two doors, each fitted with soft-close hinges and black pulls, conceal interior is perfect for all your storage needs.This transitional vanity brings crisp style and convenient storage solutions to any bathroom.

Alya Bath Richmond Collection 24 inch Bathroom Vanity in White with Carrera Marble Top

Visit Home Design Outlet Center for bathroom vanities in different styles, wall mount or free standing, in traditional or modern design that suits your taste.

Home Design Outlet Center Offers Price Match Guarantee & Free Shipping

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Modern Bathroom Vanities With LED Mirrors

Modern bathroom vanities come with wall-mounted or free standing model options. There are several different sizes and cabinet color options available. You can choose a double sink or single sink vanity. All vanities feature a various kind of sinks and soft closing drawers for storing bathroom essentials. These vanities have contemporary lines that will bring a modern look to your bathroom.

LED Lighted Medicine Cabinet

LED Lighted Mirror

Now you can complete these vanity sets with a LED Mirror which are the future of any contemporary bathroom remodeling. Backlit mirrors provide a balanced lighting setup and create a dramatic ambience in your bathroom. All LED mirrors feature 3D, Triple Color Temperature Lighting (cool light, warm light, and combination of cool and warm mixed). Each light has a built-in dimmer on it. As always, our LED digital clock comes standard. Of course, these models as always come with an automatic defogger. The LED lighted mirrors are now available in 12 different sizes. 

LED Lighted Medicine Cabinets

If you need more storage space, you can also add Medicine Cabinets for a beautiful and a secure storage space within arm’s reach. How about adding backlights to your medicine cabinet? Here is something even cooler: LED Lighted Medicine Cabinets. They all come with LED digital clock and the interior light is a beautiful inline LED light. An automatic defogger, as well as an interior electrical outlet and USB charging ports are the standard features. All medicine cabinets can be recessed, or surface mounted with the side mirrors. 

It is time you replace your old vanity and the overhead light with something cooler. Visit Home Design Outlet Center showroom or shop online for LED lighted mirrors, LED lighted medicine cabinets and other bathroom accessories. 

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Best Bathroom Vanity Reviews

Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanities

Vessel sink bathroom vanities are artistically designed bathroom features that are one of the trendier bathroom vanity types. You can completely transform your bathroom from an usual room to a stylish showcase. There’s a variety of sink types to choose from, ceramic to porcelain, glass to metal or to marble.

The vessel sink bathroom vanity size is slightly lower than traditional bathroom vanities. The vessel sink sits two to six inches above the countertop to provide more comfort.These sinks are a perfect fit in any bathroom and they provide a unique look. Vessel sink vanities are ideal for small bathroom spaces, they maximize the bathroom storage since they don’t occupy much space. 

Blossom Sydney 30″ Vanity Set with Vessel Sink In Metal Gray
  • Adds a high-end unique look to the bathroom
  • Many different shapes and sizes of sinks to choose from
  • Easy to change design by replacing the sink 
  • Comfortable to use
  • This trend might not be around for the long term, therefore it might affect the resale value of your home.
  • Cleaning can harder since water and dirt might get stuck in between the base of the vessel sink and the countertop.

Important Notes:

Special Faucet:  You will need a faucet that is tall enough for the water to fall into the sink. 

Vanity Height: Most important issue is the height of your vanity. You can put a vessel sink on any cabinet but, if the vanity is a standard size, overall height with the sinks may be too tall and difficult to use. It’s recommended that you purchase vanities that are designed for vessel sinks.

Buy Vessel Sink Vanities from Home Design Outlet Center Today!

Home Design Outlet Center has been providing high quality bathroom vanities and bath accessories at competitive prices since 2005. Whether you are a home owner or a remodeling contractor, you will find a great selection of bathroom products at great prices.

Browse the vessel sink bathroom vanities we carry at Home Design Outlet Center With different styles and sizes. We will have the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

Home Design Outlet Center

James Martin Collections

James Martin currently offers twenty series with multiple width option cabinets and optional countertops:


Available sizes : 36″, 48″ 72″ Single and 60″ and 72″ Double

Color: Tribeca Oak

Top Option: Glossy White, Matte White, or Dark Gray Glossy

Brushed Nickel finish pulls
One solid Bamboo in-drawer organizer
120 Volt UL rated electrical component with two electrical and two USB (2.0) outlets
Soft-close, undermount drawer glides and soft-close door hinges

This cabinet features a removable wooden plinth base. With the base removed, this cabinet may be wall mounted (floating)

Bainbridge 72″ Single Vanity, Tribeca Oak

Bainbridge 72″ Single Vanity, Tribeca Oak

Bainbridge 72″ Double Vanity, Tribeca Oak

Bainbridge 59″ Double Vanity, Tribeca Oak

James Martin Bainbridge 59″ Double Vanity, Tribeca Oak

Bainbridge 48″ Vanity, Tribeca Oak

James Martin Bainbridge 48″ Vanity, Tribeca Oak

Bainbridge 36″ Vanity, Tribeca Oak

James Martin Bainbridge 36″ Vanity, Tribeca Oak


The Amalfi collection is versatile for any style of home. With upscale woodworking and impressive handcrafted detail, this collection provides a timeless class and sophistication to any bathroom space. Enjoy a spa-like retreat with the calming cherry, gray or vanilla finish and scroll working. A matching mirror is also available with this collection for a complete look. After a long day, you’ll look forward to coming home and soaking in the tub of your private retreat.

Amalfi Classico 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity

Specifications:Vanity (72″w x 22.5″d x 36″h)
Mirror (32″w x 40″h)

2cm Carrara Marble Top come pre-attached

Four doors & two shelves & four drawers
The decorative wood backsplash is included with cabinet
Premium 45mm full-extension side glides and standard door hinges
Drawer bottoms are lined with our signature brushed aluminum laminate
Poplar solids with Birch veneers
Antique Brass finish door and drawer pulls

Amalfi Classico 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity With Travertine Top


This classic cabinet is crafted with beautiful details, from the tapered legs to the handcarved pilasters. With a blend of both Traditional and Transitional styles, the charm of the Brittany Collection is fitting for a variety of interior designs. Setting a crisp and serene environment, the Brittany Collection is available in three of our best finish colors. With satin nickel hardware, the style of this vanity is designed for modern living. Accentuate your bathroom with an updated and classic look using the Brittany Collection.

Available sizes : 30″, 36″, 46″ 48″ 60″ Single and 60″ and 72″ Double

Colors: Black , White, Gray, Dark Wood, Blue


The Bristol Collection marries personality with function. This series was designed for maximum storage space and maximum ease of use. Directly behind the square “tulip” legs, we have crafted a full plinth base, also known as a toe kick or pedestal base. This wraparound base allows for quick clean ups, so it is perfect for high traffic use bathrooms. Bristol cabinets are constructed from kiln-dried Birch hardwood solids and veneers, and are offered in two neutral, but far from boring colors: Whitewashed Walnut and Vintage Vanilla Find the perfect vanity size to fit your bathroom as this series has five cabinet sizes and configurations. From a smaller 30” width, up to a full-size 72” cabinet with dual sinks. Simple brushed nickel finish knobs compliment the beautiful finishes, and coordinating wooden backsplashes complete the custom appearance of the cabinets. You also have a choice of two sizes of mirrors to complete the room.

Available sizes : 30″, 36″, 48″ 60″ Single and 60″ and 72″ Double

Colors: Cottage White, Vintage Vanilla, White Washed Walnut


The Brookfield Collection by James Martin Furniture features hand carved accenting filigrees and raised panel doors. Various storage options including doors opening to shelves for storage and drawers. This collection is offered in a variety of finish colors. Each cabinet is configured to work with our variety of either 2cm, 3cm or a 4 cm countertop. The look is completed with Antique Brass finish door and drawer pulls. A matching decorative wood backsplash is included with each cabinet.

Available sizes : 26″, 36″, 48″ 60″ Single and 60″ and 72″ Double

Colors: Burnished Mahogany, country oak, antique black, white

The Brookfield 36″ vanity by James Martin Furniture features hand carved accenting filigrees and raised panel doors. Premium soft-close hinges on doors.
Matching decorative wood backsplash is included. Tops are sold separately.
Wood species: Poplar solids with Poplar veneers.
Cabinets are finished inside and out, with a premium undercoat finish for superior moisture and UV resistance. Doors, adorned by Antique Brass finish pulls, open to shelves for storage below. Each cabinet is configured to work with our variety of either  2cm, 3cm, or a 4 cm countertops.


Canberra 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity in Warm Espresso

Canberra 24 inch single bathroom vanity is available in 2 colors, empire linen and warm espresso.


Chicago collection is an updated take on Mid-Century Modern style. Clean lines and a ample storage make these vanities a welcome addition to your bathroom.  Hand-crafted from North American Walnut and Birch hardwoods and veneers, the Chicago series features a washed taupe finish to compliment todays interiors.  The simple, modern drawer and door knobs are finished in a soft brushed satin silver color.  This series also features premium soft-close drawer glides and door hinges.  The cabinets ship with chrome finished metal legs for standard installation.  The Chicago cabinets may also be wall mounted, for a “floating” vanity look. Heavy-duty brackets for wall mounting are included with the cabinet. This series looks particularly striking with our new Quartz solid-surface tops with rectangular basins.

Available sizes : 30″, 36″, 48″ 60″ Single and 60″ and 72″ Double

St Martin Cabinetry

At St. Martin Cabinetry we are passionate in our quest to manufacture beautiful Semi-Custom kitchen and bath cabinetry at a reasonable cost. St. Martin products feature superior component specifications and important design details that help to create high quality and exceptional value. We offer a wide range of standard cabinetry. In addition our design team and custom shop will help you to create custom cabinetry that meets your special requirements. 

St. Martin bathroom cabinetry offers the quality construction and great features for bathroom vanities. Beautiful door styles and luxurious finishes will be welcomed additions to your home.

Our bathroom vanity collections feature subtle design modifications with the addition of furniture toe kicks and box columns. Each of these series are available in different door styles.

Our Stockholm series features the look of fine furniture and is currently available in our Lakeland door style.

You will find a wide selection of cabinet sizes and configurations in all of our series, offering just the right balance of form and function.

Home Design Outlet Center design team will help you to create a custom St Martin cabinetry that meets your special requirements.

St Martin Cabinetry Bathroom Cabinet Collections

St Martin Cabinetry Ridgewood Collection
St Martin Cabinetry Lakeland Bathroom Cabinet Collection
St Martin Cabinetry Wellington Bathroom Cabinet Collection
St Martin Cabinetry Greenfield Bathroom Cabinet Collection
St Martin Cabinetry Newhaven Bathroom Cabinet Collection
St Martin Cabinetry Bellrose Bathroom Cabinet Collection
St Martin Cabinetry Clayton Bathroom Cabinet Collection
St Martin Cabinetry Stockholm Bathroom Cabinet Collection
St Martin Cabinetry Bathroom Cabinet Construction Details 
St Martin Cabinetry Bathroom Cabinet Construction Details
St Martin Bathroom Cabinet Construction
A. 3/4” Plywood Sides
B. 3/4” Natural Melamine on Plywood Interior
C. 3/4” Natural Melamine on Plywood Floor
D. 3/4” Natural Melamine Shelves with Solid Wood Edge-banding In
the Front
E. 1/4” Plywood Back Panel
F. I-beam Reinforced Constrution
G. Six-Way Adjustable Hinges
H. Six-Way Adjustable Soft Closing Hinge
I. Wood Doors
J. Matching Drawer Fronts
K. Wood Dovetailed Drawer Boxes
L. Soft Close Undermount Drawer Slides
M. Locking Shelf Supports
N. Standard Matching Toe Kick
O. Optional Furniture Style Toe Kick
P. 3/8”thick plywood as box sides and solid wood box front in the
style and color of your choice.

Vanity Top Options

White Carrara Marble Vanity Top

Ubatuba Granite Vanity Top

Giallo Ornamental Granite Vanity Top

Giallo Ornamental Granite Vanity Top

Light Emperor Marble Vanity Top

Light Emperor Marble Vanity Top

Absolute Black Granite Vanity Top

Absolute Black Granite Vanity Top

St. Martin Vanity Top

– 4″ back splash is included
– White undermount rectangular sink(s) 17-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ opening. Oval sink(s) 16-1/2″ x 13″ opening
– Choice of faucet drilling pattern: Single, 4″ or 8″ Drilling Pattern

St. Martin Hardware

Sometimes when you’re planning a new bathroom, making decisions can be a bit daunting! Overall our strategy at St. Martin is to try and help simplify the process. We think that making decorative hardware choices needn’t complicate the situation.

So, we’ve assembled a very nice collection of quality decorative hardware chosen and produced specifically to complement our line. Great quality…smart choices.

Visit our showroom to learn more about St Martin Cabinetry