Bathroom vanities are an important accomplice to design, if you are planning a remodeling project most eye-catching way. Nowadays, to design your living room and bedroom isn’t enough to add value to your home. For a high-end fashion to the bathroom, it requires and merits some awareness equal to additional rooms in your residence.

Vanity By Design Double Bathroom Vanity in Gray

There are diverse styles and sizes of bathroom vanities for your remodeling project. There are more than a few things to think about ahead of making your selection. And, we would be going through them so that you can the ideal selection with no qualms.

Budget In Remodeling Project

You can find bath vanities in your budget which will nicely and efficiently change the look of your present bathroom. There are diverse styles as well as materials available, so you can find the most suitable one at a reasonable price.

Vanity Sizes

Bathroom vanities come in several sizes, and you can choose one that fits your space. The options vary from truly small pedestal bath vanities, custom bath vanities, corner style units, single-sink vanities, small double-bath sinks and more.

Note: The standard bathroom vanity sizes are 24 inch30 inch36 inch42 inch48 inch60 inch single60 inch double and 72 inch double. Or search the sizes in between 24 inch – 35 inch36 inch – 47 inch48 inch – 59 inch60 inch or more


Storage areas are a vital consideration when choosing your vanity. You would like to be certain that you finish up with a bath vanity that’s eye-catching but furthermore makes your bathroom appear neat and tidy.


The cabinets which you select are just as essential and put in to the look of your bathroom. Consistent with the space on hand, you can select wall-mounted cabinets or floor standing cabinets. Such products are moreover available in contemporary and conventional looks.

Wide selection of bathroom vanities in modern or traditional styles in variety of colors including single and double vanity options are available at Home Design Outlet Center.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide