Bathroom Vanities Trends and design ideas

For years now, the decorating trends adopted by home owners, interior designers, and even large hotel chains has been to completely remove bathroom vanities from the picture. The preference had been for a more modern, sleeker appearance to one of the most necessary rooms in any locale, and modern vanity sets held reign in this trend. This is not the case for many people today.


The current economic times have been instrumental in teaching everyone the value of solid investments for the future. With rising costs of materials forcing consumer prices to rise, more and more people, especially those in the decorating industry, are now recognizing the value of traditional bathroom vanities. The reversal in thinking is not all that hard to figure out, especially when it comes to the bottom line and the almighty dollar.


The traditional bathroom vanitieswere those solidly constructed cupboards and under the sink units that held sway in bathrooms everywhere for decades. They were very stylish, and perfect for tucking away all the necessities for everyday life with a bathroom, from diapers to toilet paper, and pretty much everything in-between. The change from function to form was quite baffling to most, because the “stuff” still had to go somewhere. Even so, the modern vanity sets that began to flood the markets over the last few years were stillpopular, even though they provided absolutely no storage whatsoever, not even a medicine cabinet.


Now that the traditional bathroom vanities are making a comeback, the variety of sizes and styles is astounding. And, you are not limited any more to what a distributor might have on hand. A very good place to start looking for what will complement your sense of style in bathroom décor is the Internet. Many online distributors can offer some serious discounts on stock available from manufacturers, even the trendy modern vanity sets.


Bathrooms with well-designed cabinets or functional modern vanity sets just look neater when put together properly. Some of the trendier sets leave your stuff everywhere, literally, because they are lacking in storage. The newest models available today have brought storage capability back, with excellent craftsmanship, and some very beautiful, and fashionable decorator styles. By beginning your search online, you will be able to literally redesign your space without leaving the house.


The addition of well-designed pieces can transform what may have been a very dull space into something reflecting your own unique sense of style. Even some of the modern vanity sets are now being created in some classical styles, like Early American and French Traditional, that rival furniture collections in terms of beauty and craftsmanship. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to selection.


If space is a consideration, even this limitation is no longer really a concern. Some modern vanity sets as well as the classics, are designed to be just as functional, even without a complete set. You can now buy by the piece, so you only get what you need.


When it comes to redecorating your home on a budget, you simply cannot go wrong with a return to a more traditional style, even when it comes to the bathroom. With rising costs of materialscreating a vacuum in designer furniture sales, the range of bathroom additions have instead become even more affordable than ever. With an ever growing range of styles and designs available on the market today, purchasing new décor for the bathroom is more economical than ever before. For value, it just makes sense to follow this trend before it is gone once more.

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