As far as the décor of the bathrooms are concerned, the bathroom vanity cabinets are the center of attention. Vanity cabinets add a little classy and fashionable appearance, therefore the design and the color you choose is very important.

36 inch Bathroom Vanity Cabinet
St Martin 36 inch Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Cabinet Style

Bathroom Vanity cabinets are classified in to a couple of key designs, freestanding and wall mount units. Free standing bathroom vanities will have more storage space. Wall mounted units are installed to walls, they don’t have legs to stand on.

Wall Mount Vanity Cabinets

The wall mount vanities include a set base unit underneath the sink. They come in practical if you require storing your things in an organized manner. Usually the base units are made from wood. Mahogany, oak, cherry, as well as walnut happen to be the trendy color options for the wood choice. Before you make a decision, make sure to measure the space inside your bathroom. Your bathroom should not have an overcrowded appearance.

The countertops of these type if cabinets are made from a variety of materials such as ceramic, stone, concrete, wood, or additional materials. Stone appears very attractive but it might be more on costly side. Ceramics are often be noticed in use because of their dependability.

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Cabinet
Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Matching Colors And Design Of Materials

Additional materials you have in your bathroom also matters. So, before purchasing one, you should consider number of things.

  • Your floor and wall tiles
  • Color of your walls
  • Finish of your faucets
  • Toilet color
  • Lighting in your bathroom
  • Other bath accessories

Bathroom vanity cabinets are available in variety of sizes, styles and colors. You can easily discover one for your need and taste. However, you just need to work on the details for enjoying it for a long time.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide