Can A Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Be The Solution For Your Bathroom?

We have all been there, at least once in our lives. We have gone from having the bath all to ourselves, and then, suddenly there is another person, demanding equal time. Unless you are one of the lucky couples whose schedules are not in synch, there is nothing that will set off a squabble quicker than sharing a single sink bathroom vanityin the morning.


Luckily, there is a solution, if you have the space, time and money to make it happen: a double sink bathroom vanity. Time is such a precious resource for all of us, especially in the morning when you are beginning your day. Everyone wakes up at their own speed, and some of us can get really cranky, even if we do not intend to be that way. You just want to get things done and get out the door, and if you have to dance around the bathroom trying to share a single sink bathroom vanitieswith a loved one, it can seriously be too much to bear first thing in the morning.


With a double sink bathroom vanity, sharing space becomes a whole lot less complicated. The countertop is larger because of the bigger dimensions of such a unit and can give each person their own “personal space” for whatever purpose, whenever they need it. And, with most models available today, each person can have their own storage space, as well as gaining a larger community storage area underneath the double sink bathroom vanity.


Even if you do not have the larger amount of space around the original single sink bathroom vanity to accommodate the addition needed to create the double sink bathroom vanityof your dreams, worry not, because it can still be done. Several modern styles incorporate free-standing sinks, so you can still set up separate spaces for you and your loved one, as long as the existing plumbing will allow for it.


If you do have the space available, you do not need to completely replace your original single sink bathroom vanity. As long as the original sink is in good working condition and the plumbing allows, you can add the second sink and extend the existing countertop to match, if materials are available. If not, you can always change the countertop style when you add in the second sink. You can then either replace your current mirror with a longer and larger one or opt for adding a second mirror over the new sink.

While you are at it, you can also add some options to go with the new setup, like updated fixtures, extra cabinets, steam resistant mirrors, or natural lights perfect for applying makeup and shaving. But, if your budget is a concern, you will find that by shopping around, especially online, you can find a way to add an extra sink and cabinets at a reduced cost. Especially since you already possess half of the materials required. The end result may not be perfect, but it works.


So, if you are tired of fighting for mirror or sink space every morning, you might want to consider installing a more suitable replacement vanity that keeps the needs of couples in mind. Having separate spaces will ease the stress of the morning, as well as reducing the petty fighting for dominance over the sink and mirror. Why fight when you can share?

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