Wall mounted bathroom vanities are the latest trend for modern homes with sleek styles. They make great impression on the contemporary flair minded people looking to remodel their bathrooms. Although it sounds like a simple decision to make, there are few things you need to know.

Wall Mounted Vanity


Wall mount vanities can be hung at a desired height on your wall. They all come with mounting brackets and instructions for easy installation.

There’re a couple of major matters to concentrate on with your contractor while setting up a wall mount vanity. First, talk about the fixing to the wall. Because you will not have the vanity yet, you possibly will not be acquainted with how it is believed to be set up. The setting up is more regarding the wall as well as the stud and less regarding the vanity itself. Reinforcing the whole vanity wall prior to tiling is widely suggested. The vanity’s generally bolted to wall.

Tip: Before you make a decision, discuss the installation cost with your contractor since it might be higher than installing freestanding vanity.


Second, be certain to take in hand the position of the plumbing supply lines as well as drain. Numerous wall hung vanities comprise a U-shaped cut-out for accommodating the drain. This is above all general for any vanity having drawers at the center. The supply lines as well as drain need to fit inside the frame of the vanity and they have to be centered. If the vanity is open on the inside with no shelves, cut-outs then the plumbing does not need to be at the center.

Tip: If you need to move the plumbing to make room for the vanity, talk to your installer about the extra labor cost that might occur.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide