Why The Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Has Become So Popular?

If you look in many home decorating magazines, especially those that are dedicated to bathroom design you will notice that the contemporary bathroom vanity has become incredibly popular. For people who prefer more traditional styles of home furnishings, this may seem unusual. However, there are a number of reasons why a contemporary bathroom vanity is so popular. You may find that after looking at them more closely you may end up choosing one for yourself as well.

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If you think that the contemporary bathroom vanity is limited to a few minimalist styles and one or two sizes, you may be amazed at the variety that is available today. It is true that they all tend to have cleaner lines than more traditional styles but this does not mean that they all look alike. You can find many different options that will suit a wide range of tastes and budgets.

One of the first things that many people notice about a contemporary bathroom vanity is that it may be wall mounted instead of sitting on the floor. Many people love the look of a wall hung bathroom vanity. It makes it easier for you to store things underneath and keep the area around and under the wall hung bathroom vanity clean. If you are dealing with a very small space such as a powder room, you may find that a contemporary bathroom vanity that has legs may be difficult to clean around especially if it is located near a toilet.

Many people like the feel of a wall hung bathroom vanity as well. Although it may still be a large piece of cabinetry, a wall hung bathroom vanity will often feel lighter and less imposing than a more traditional vanity that will sit on the floor. A contemporary bathroom vanity that is hung on the wall will often look beautiful when paired with a frameless mirror and a vessel sink so that the entire area becomes a work of art as well as a functional component of your bathroom.

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If you are shopping for a contemporary bathroom vanities, look for a model which has enough storage space. You can find a wall hung bathroom vanity with just as much storage space as a model that is mounted on the floor. That can be good if you are dealing with a large family that has a lot of items that are being used on a daily basis. Being able to clean off your counter and store clutter out of the way can also help a contemporary bathroom vanity bring a serene and spa-like feel to a room. This is something which many people are looking for when they are designing a bathroom.

People are enjoying the chance to truly put their stamp on their entire home and designing a bathroom is part of that. By choosing a contemporary bathroom vanity or a wall hung bathroom vanity they can move beyond the standard bathrooms that everyone is used to and create a room which expresses their personality perfectly

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