The beauty of contemporary vanities can be the highlight of the bathroom. They provide utility and look decorative as well. Install one of the latest wall mount vanities in your bathroom and notice the difference. Not only does it serve the purpose of storing many items that are essential in the room, but they also enhance the décor of the room.

Blossom Monaco 36″ Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Set

The internet has proved a blessing for many homeowners who do not have time to go from store to store and look at the different styles. It is possible to sit at home and browse online and take advantage of the low prices.

Interior design is all about mixing and matching existing pieces with new pieces to add elegance to a home. Nowadays the fixtures available are not restricted to only wood. You can find contemporary designs in glass and as well as ceramic or stainless steel.

Single Sink Or Double Sink

Sink choice depends on the size of the bathroom and your budget. You can select a single or a double sink contemporary vanity for the master bathroom. This will help you to organize your personal space and keep your essentials neatly in place. Some vanities have drawers that will help you store a few cosmetics and lotions.


Most of these materials are eco-friendly and you can clean them easily with a wet cloth. Try to avoid using cleaners that are abrasive. Use glass cleaners and keep the vanities looking new easily.

Bathroom vanities still can be purchased if you have a limited budget, since they are available at discounted prices. Select the type that you think will look good in your bathroom. Add some lighting fixtures or a wall hung glass that matches the unit and you will find that the entire room has that new look that is appealing and attractive.

Alya Bath Ripley Collection Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Alya Bath is one the largest importers of contemporary bathroom vanities. Vanities are available in many different sizes with options of wall hung or free standing models.

36 inch Wall Mount Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

Home Design Outlet Center has the largest selection of vanities and these include contemporary vanities and wall mount vanities. Once you are certain of the dimensions available for installing a vanity, then you can make your selection of materials that you wish to introduce in your home. These range from wood, glass, steel, metal and stone.

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Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

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