Double sink bath vanities are available in an extensive range of styles, colors, as well as materials. Styles consist of anything from very old to modern. Traditional units typically have the sink mounted inside the counter. Contemporary units appear more like arty sculptures with floating styles.

James Martin Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Double Vanities With Vessel Sink

The sinks are seated above a counter and the faucets appear more similar to waterfalls overflowing into bowls. Notwithstanding the style that you select, double vanities are able to be found to fit almost all design schemes you’re seeking.

Tip: You should always keep functionality. the top of your list of priorities. For example, if a vanity sink is too tall, the faucets will be hard to turn on and off kids.

Double Bathroom Vanity Set With Vessel Sinks

Countertops – Mirrors – Lighting


Vanity tops can make a key design proclamation in themselves. Stainless steel, granite and marble are a few of the most hard-wearing countertop materials on the marketplace today. Again, based on the style you’re trying to arrive at, the countertop has to be consistent with the remainder of the decoration.


Matching mirrors can be purchased to go with the vanity so that you don’t have to do a lot of deciding.


Lighting in contrast, is something you need to consider carefully. Strip lights happen to be most usually used directly on top of a vanity since overhead lighting may not adequate enough. Sconces and pendant lights are able to be employed but in pairs, a single on every side of the vanity.


Storage is something the majority of people forget when buying a double sink bathroom vanity. The additional space beneath is perfect for adding extra storage. Remember that modern units are less colossal and furniture like. And, they do not take as a great deal of advantage of all that added space. Traditional units are bigger and more like furniture. That’s why there will be abundance of space beneath.

A well designed double sink vanity will leave your bathroom looking clean and less cluttered. Visit Home Design Outlet Center and choose a color and style that you love to match with your bathroom.

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