For the average bathroom, a single sink is okay. But that is the average bathroom. When you want your bathroom to be a little better than the average, you have to think of different ideas, including the usefulness of double sinks.

Besides the need to make your bathroom look better than the average bathroom, there are other valuable reasons to go for double sink bathroom vanities. It offers a number of advantages that will suit different lifestyles.

If, for instance, you are certain that your bathroom may be used by two or more people at a time, a double vanity will be necessary. It will allow more people to brush their teeth, put up their makeup, and complete similar actions at the same time. This will minimize conflict and also save time.

 How about Value-Addition?

Double sink bathroom vanities also add value to the home. The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house, and any major improvement, there will mean a lot to your overall home value. Some consider the practicability of a bathroom as one of the prime factors when deciding to buy a home.

Most people understand the importance of double sink vanities and will prefer bathrooms that have them. In addition, they improve the general aesthetic of the bathroom and make your home a little more desirable to potential buyers.

 Suitability of Double Sink Vanities?

You don’t need to have a big bathroom before considering the option. Though they are most suitable for spacious bathrooms, they will perfectly fit an average-sized bathroom. Again, they are suitable in traditional as well as in modern bathrooms.

alya bath contemporary bathroom vanity

Styling with Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

While there are several positive sides to having double sinks in the bathroom, styling can be an issue for some people. With one sink, it is simple to it in the right part of the bathroom, but a bigger double sink vanity that is intended to accommodate more than a single user can create some styling challenges.

You will find a lot of inspirations from Pinterest and other online resources. You can also get expert advice from your supplier. Some of the most popular double vanity designs include shelved vanity, sectioned vanity, and structured vanity. There are several other designs, variations, and ideas you can tweak to suit your personal style. 

Double sink bathroom vanities are great for so many reasons. They are classy and suit most bathrooms. You also have several design options to consider. Decorate your bathrooms in style with double sink vanities, and don’t forget to add some touches that are just you.