Some people design their bathrooms in a traditional way, some modern. If you like the latest trends, and create a modern bathroom, you need to be introduced to the elegance of glass bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Vanity With Glass Top

When we talk about decorating homes, we also need to keep in mind the looks of our bathroom. In fact, when you walk in to a hotel room, the first thing we do is to check out the bathroom.

Glass vanity doesn’t mean everything is made with glass. Usually the countertop and certain components are made out of glass. Now, if you believe in a straightforward yet an elegant bathroom setup, you should definely consider a glass bathroom vanity.

Cost Of Glass Vanities

Glass bathroom vanities seem like they are costly because they are different in design. But most models are surprisingly affordable. A vanity with glass top, really complements the light colors of the wall, making it look majestic and real classy. If you add the matching accessories, the entire setup makes the bathroom look spacious.


Most glass vanities have storage area just like any other vanity. You can store everything from perfumes to daily bathroom essentials to towels and accessories. If you do love playing with colors and you have a wide variety of colorful soaps and towels, it would be a good idea to store them in the glass bath vanity cases.

Glass Bathroom Vanities are available in diverse shapes, sizes, designs as well as shades. Even the glass drawer knob is available in diverse shapes, sizes as well as makes.


But let’s not forget about the maintenance of the glass bath vanities. They should be kept clean and shiny. You must have seen it at hotels where it looks new all the time. You can simply use glass cleaners to remove the dirt, water marks and finger prints on the glass.


The quality of the glass used to make glass tops are very important. You must ensure that the glass is a good quality, thick and tempered glass.


One more thing that we would like to mention is the lighting of your bathroom. Make certain that you have appropriate lighting to support as well as complement your bathroom. After all you want your bathroom to appear really good.

If you have a very spacious bathroom, then you might go with a double glass bath vanity. And that means double the size, double the storage as well as double the beauty.

This was our take on Glass Bathroom vanities and we would like to wish you all the luck in finding the right one for your needs.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide