You might not be the person who are willing to dust every single tiny detail in the home. Most people don’t enjoy spending lots of time to clean their bathroom. At this point; selecting the right vanity just as flush to the floor one definitely resolves this issue and pretty much reliefs you.

Flush to The Floor Vanity Will Save You!

If you don’t want the maintenance becomes a pain, give up putting decorative legs on the vanity. Thus, you do not need to sweep around the bottom of the vanity where dust bunnies accumulate underneath the base. Flush to the floor vanity doesn’t let any space for them under it. Instead of watching out for dirt that gathers around the vanity’s feet, you can simply run your mop right around the vanity. 

James Martin Furniture De Soto 36" Single Vanity, Burnished Mahogany

These vanities go to the floor and contrary to what is believed, it’s not a trend that will pass. Not only they make your floors simpler to clean but also most of them offer more storage space for the same amount of wall area.

What Does “Toe Kick” Means?

It’s also possible to find these vanities by searching such as “floor mounted” or “toe kick”.  A toe kick which is a panel is the recessed area at the bottom of a base cabinet doesn’t have legs. It allows homeowners to place their toes in the recessed place beneath the cabinet doors. It’s also helpful in order to have better balance as they are having time in front of the cabinet. 

James Martin Furniture Bristol 30 inch Single Vanity Vintage Vanilla

Another pro of these vanities is the installation! It is much easier and cheaper by comparison with wall mounted versions. 

These vanities are also sturdy for small children and seniors by decreasing possibility of falls and injures. Even if your child climb on the vanity or a senior who tries to put pressure on the vanity to prevent a fall doesn’t cause the vanity to pull away from the wall. They have a more solid appearance because they are mounted directly to the floor. They are often better suited to holding a person’s weight in these instances, which may make them a safer alternative.

James Martin Furniture De Soto 48" Single Vanity, Bright White

What About Floors?

When installing a wall hung vanity, it is important to keep in mind that the floor will be completely visible. However you can hide your floors if they have some spots which you want to cover with floor mounted vanity. In the possibility of installing your vanity first, you may save on flooring costs because flooring can terminate at the toe kick and sides of the vanity. However it means that if you replace the vanity, you will need to change the floor or the footprint of the vanity must remain the same. 

You can also do your floor first and then the vanity set on top. This gives you options for changing the vanity in the future without damaging the floor.

What are the cons of these vanities?

The only risk you will take with these vanities is possibility of water damage. You should keep the water away from vanity’s bottom when the vanity set on the floor. 

Here are top 5 flush to the floor bathroom vanities below

1. James Martin Furniture Bristol Collection

Directly behind the square “tulip” legs, James Martin has crafted a full plinth base, also known as a toe kick or pedestal base. The toe kick is placed about 2-3″ back from the decorative portion so it can’t be seen easily. This wraparound base allows for quick clean ups, so it is perfect for high traffic use bathrooms. Bristol cabinets come in three neutral, but far from boring colors: Whitewashed Walnut, Cottage White, and Vintage Vanilla.

James Martin Furniture Bristol 72" Flush to The Floor Double Vanity, White Washed Walnut

2. James Martin Furniture De Soto Collection

Low maintenance provided with the full plinth base located behind the rounded bracket feet. Offered in three finish colors: Burnished Mahogany, Bright White, and Silver Gray.

3. Alya Bath Paterno Collection Freestanding 

Paterno collection is one of the most elegant modern bathroom vanities around. This model offers different color options such as black, dark gray oak, hight gloss ash, high gloss white, rose wood and high gloss gray. 

Alya Bath Paterno 48 in. Rose Wood Free Standing Modern Flush to the Floor Bathroom Vanity with Top

4. Kubebath Milano Collection

Minimalists are drawn to Milano, a no-fuss vanity with panache that goes beyond its simple presence. Though its silhouette is spare, the high-gloss finish and aluminum kickboard provide just enough wow factor. This collection comes in high gloss white and nature wood which is most requested color option.

KubeBath Milano 36 inch Nature Wood Modern Flush to the Floor Bathroom Vanity

5. Kubebath Bliss Collection

Innovative design and economical in size makes this vanity ideal for any smaller location. Available in various finishes ensures that regardless the color scheme at hand, anyone is sure to complete their space with guaranteed cutting contemporary chicness. This collection also has black, high gloss white, nature wood, gray oak, walnut color options.