Glass Vanities Add Chic and a Wow-Factor to Bathrooms

Glass is versatile and has many advantages when using it in a home or office. Bathrooms can be remodeled using a lot of glass to give the room a wider and brighter look. Many people invest in glass vanities today as it complements the glass and steel fittings and shower cubicle in the bathroom while projecting a modern sleek appearance.  Toughened glass is used in bathrooms to advantage. It does not absorb moisture and can be wiped clean. Lighting and fixtures can be subtly introduced to lend that extra touch of elegance when there is a lot of glass in the room.

alya bath glass vanity double

If you are remodeling your home and plan to extend the bathroom, plan to introduce a skylight which will make the room bright and cheerful. Check out the designs of contemporary vanities and select one that has enough storage to put away the cleaning solutions. If you prefer a vanity with plenty of drawers, you can use them to store your cosmetics. It is a good idea to include a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. They are normally cleverly concealed in the vanity or if you have an overhead counter space that is neatly concealed behind glass, use this to store medicines. Glass imparts a chic look and is easy to maintain and very durable. Maintain it well and you can have your home looking beautiful and new as it is not difficult to maintain glass. Measure the space available and then decide on the style and size of the vanity that you would like to add to each room.

alya bayh glass vanity double sink

There are several ways you can get help. One is to research a lot on the internet and find out details on how to decorate or remodel your bathroom. The best way is to hire a professional interior designer and give them an idea of your requirements. The third is to source out a good design outlet center in your area and check out their customer catalog.  Ask them to clarify your doubts, if any, by talking to their friendly customer service support team. They will help you with deciding the right size, the finish and color if you give them details about the layout of the room. Check out their prices and ask for a competitive price. It is advisable to make a comparative note of the prices from several online stores before you make up your mind on a certain style or model.


Whether you finally decide on glass vanities or any particular style from a wide selection of contemporary vanities, the end result should be the satisfactory one that makes you proud of your achievement in designing a bathroom of your liking. Check out the terms and conditions when you decide on a particular home center and look for seasonal offers and discounts. Read their shipping policy and check that guarantees are offered in case you are not satisfied with a particular product. Many of these retail centers have a wide variety of choices and will also accept orders for customized vanities and products.

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