A bathroom cabinet that is mounted to the wall at desired height; floating vanity. Floating bathroom vanities sit completely off the floor rather than extending all the way to the floor as standard vanities do.

They provide a modern, sophisticated look and have become progressively trendy in recent years. Many homeowners who want to get minimalist and contemporary look in their bathroom choose these type of cabinets. Floating bathroom vanity decor ideas are becoming top of the choice day by day. It would appear that this design option is going to be most preferred by every homeowner in the near future. This is majorly due to spaciousness is one of the significant things in our daily lives. In this context, wall mount vanities give you the comfort you mainly need. 

James Martin Furniture Mercer Island 36 inch Single Vanity Latte Oak

Floating vanities come with plenty of pros:

The most important aspect of wall mount vanities is making a small bathroom feel larger. On the other side, floor-based vanity takes up a ton of room and looks unnecessarily bulky especially for the tiny spaces. As if that were not enough, you have a small bathroom the wrong freestanding choice would make the room cramped. Most particularly, shallow depth floating cabinet as a space saver works perfectly for narrow bathrooms. 

Effective storage without cramming your bathroom

First of all, the open area underneath a floating vanity offers a suitable space for storage. It could be a stylish idea to benefit from an opportunity by using that space with the addition of curated baskets. Whether you need less or more storage, floating vanities are crafted wisely with drawers and open shelving options. You can pick which one works best for you. 

Flawless choice to make such a stunning touch

Nowadays, bathroom design styles started to become mostly contemporary and minimalist. Floating vanities look cool and they are sleek alternative to the traditional vanities. A floating bathroom vanity has a spectacular expression, but escapes flattering dated by its basic look.

Cleaning your bathroom had never been this easy 

If you will have to deal with wet floor or flooded bathroom, a floating bathroom vanity helps mopping up the water much easier. It reduces the risk of damage, therefore you will have less concern about your cabinet deteriorating from water on the ground. 

In the same way as floating bathroom vanities eliminates your worries about destroying the bottom because of the wetness, they make your floors simpler to clean. You do not need to try to sweep around the bottom of the vanity where dust bunnies that find their way. Instead of watching out for dirt that gathers around the vanity’s feet, you can simply run your mop right under the vanity. 

Do not cover your fascinating floor

If you are planing to put in a gorgeous floor, it is a great choice to show off your flooring by not hiding it with traditional vanity. You will also be able to see light bouncing off the bathroom floor with this option. This sense of openness gives the illusion of more space.

Another advantage is option to adjust desired height

You can hang the vanity at any height you desire. According to public-benefit corporations, the standard height of a traditional bathroom vanity cabinet is between 34 and 36 inches. Depending on the thickness of your countertop, it can reach to height to 36” or more. 

Lexora Geneva 30 inch Navy Blue Single Floating Bathroom Vanity with White Carrara Marble Top

If we talk about the negative side of floating vanities; installation costs a bit more than freestanding ones. However, it is worth by comparison with advantages of having wall mount vanities.

If you are about to start a bathroom renovation project, you can check essential concepts from our website that you will want to keep in mind when choosing a great vanity for your bathroom. It all depends on the shape and design aspects of your room. Single or double ones work in any color you desire. Whichever you pick, it will suit all sorts of needs and give you an organic look as of a piece of new day design.

Custom Floating Vanities!

Every floating vanity may not be a perfect fit for every bathroom. If you are confused about making a right decision which floating vanity suits your bathroom the most, you are at the right place! We are willing to discover your exact needs and taste! You are welcome to visit our showroom or call us to get professional advices from our designers. You do not need to restrict yourself by choosing standard floating vanities. We can also customize your bathroom vanities and provide you with some of the most unique styles options. Your bathroom will be sparkling with the perfect floating vanity!

Custom Floating Bathroom Vanity