How to Accessorize with Marble Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are perfect for creating this solid elegant look wherever they are used. For that modern and chic look, they can be a perfect choice in bathroom design. Marble subway tiles transform any dull looking bathroom to posh spa-quality status and your showering days will never be the same again.

With subway tiles, there are plenty of options to create a look unique to your home alone. They are great for complimenting the major highlights of your bathroom. With the different styles; you can create any kind of look, from traditional to contemporary. You only need to know whether you want the subways to compliment or contrast with the rest of your bathroom.

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Marble Subway Tiles

Carrara white marble subway tiles

For the lovers of white, Carrara white subway marble tiles are a quality choice for that contemporary look. There are great hues to go with like Carrara white, gray natural veining with white background. The subway tiles also come in different shapes from the normal square look to hexagons; mini bricks and even 3D cambered curved design.

On the other hand, a quality subway tile with distinctive resonance has to be the Olive glass subway. The warm green is perfect to soak in your bathroom ambient light and accentuate that spa mood you have always been looking for. Olive green is a perfect background color onto which you can add fancy details like rustic vanities, European faucets or modern shower panels.

Bianco Carrara marble subway tile

The next perfect choice for subway tiles is Bianco Carrara marble. Calacatta marble has been use for quite a while now and it is one tile you will trust anywhere. This special Italian tile can be honed, polished or hand clipped to achieve a different texture in your bathroom. The subway tiles can also come in the trademark square shape or be adventurous with a hexagonal or basket-weave design. You can never go wrong with Calacatta gold marble subway tile, especially when you have a stainless steel shower panel gracing the center of your bathroom.

You can never lack variety when it comes to decorating with subway tiles. Besides the polished marble, you can also try out the glass subway tiles. You can create your own unique look with Matte finish subway tiles. Don’t let your bathroom look dull and lifeless when you can give it a 5 star look with marble subway tiles.

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