Bathroom vanity is a piece of furniture that will grab instant attention in the bathroom. It is important to ensure that you are picking the best piece possible. You can pick a vanity that has sleek designs and clean lines. The idea is to have functionality that is attractive as well.

Design Element Waterfall 72″ Double Sink Vanity Set in Espresso

What’s A Bathroom Vanity ?

A bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink, counter top and the storage structure around it. The sinks may be made of ceramic or glass or stone. The actual cabinet base could also be a solid wood or MDF. There are many different kinds of options for countertop such as marble and granite.

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern vanities make use of glass and metal as these are more contemporary materials. They blend well with modern d├ęcor that might already exist in the bathroom. In some cases white marble, granite or quartz may be used for the counter-top. The look should ideally blend with the look in the rest of your house. The vanity may be available as a cabinet base or as a set with counter and sink.


Before you buy the vanity check on the exact area you have in your bathroom. This is important because an out-sized vanity will overpower the space. You should have enough space to move around in the bathroom and the vanity should not be an obstruction. Clutter and large furniture makes any space look smaller. If you have a large bathroom you will not really have to worry so much about space. However, if you have a smaller bathroom, look for glass, mirror and lighter colors. All these will make the area look larger.


It is best to choose materials that are water-resistant. There is a lot of moisture in the bathroom and steam as well. As heat can play havoc with materials such as wood. It is important that you have a wooden vanity suitably coated with a water-resistant application. The focus should be on durability and good looks. There’s a range of vanities and they are also listed by category. You can pick from contemporary, traditional or antique styles.

Alya Bath Wilmington Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Collection

Bathroom Vanity Combos

Some vanity combos include the vanity base, top, sink, mirror and faucet. The mirror included might be a framed mirror that matches the base cabinet color.

Design Element Waterfall 72″ Double Sink Vanity Combo With Mirror

Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets may be installed either into the wall above the cabinet or in the counter. The finish of the faucet should mach the vanity and the cladding material that has been used on the walls of the bathroom. Modern faucets may have a chrome or nickel finish that looks good with a metal and glass cabinet. They can be very simple and basic or ornamental. The ornate ones look better with a traditional vanity while the sleeker ones match modern-looking vanities better.

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Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide