There are plenty of ways to accessorize your bathroom with. It doesn’t have to be a complete tile overhaul or repainting, just throwing in small details here and there are enough to make a difference. How best to do this than installing a traditional bathroom vanity in your home with a fancy looking faucet to go with.

As the world embraces modern artsy designs for their bathroom, you can choose to be different and go for something more traditional. A traditional bathroom vanity is a great way to relive your childhood memories and it is one furniture piece you are sure will never go out of style.

There are plenty of vanities to choose from depending on what you are looking for; generally the vanities will differ from each other in terms of design, capacity and how many accessories they can come with.

How to Decorate with a Traditional Bathroom Vanity and Accenting Faucets
Traditional Vanity Faucets

Single Traditional Vanity

To start you off, a single traditional bathroom vanity is enough if you live alone. Cabinets space should be enough to store your personal items. The single cabinet can also come without drawers and just be the vanity with doors.

Double Traditional Vanity

On the other hand, a double traditional cabinet is perfect for you and your spouse. Most of the models come with drawers so you will enough space to share it. Additionally, the larger countertop space will allow to place decorative items.

Both the single and double traditional bathroom vanities come with optional countertops and complementary mirrors. Countertop can be pure marble or granite to throw in a gentle gloss on a highly exquisite vanity. The double traditional vanities include double mirrors as well, just so you and your spouse can have private space to get ready.

Vanity Faucets

Bathroom vanities are never complete without pretty little faucets to highlight the entire set up. Faucets come in different designs as well from the single-hole facets designed in stainless steel and with a beautiful finish around the base. An alternative look to this is the wide spread faucet with two water handles to serve cold or hot water through the main facet. Instead of steel, you can go with copper to compliment the vanity and bring out that rustic look even better.

How To Purchase Faucets For Your Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Giving your bathroom a revamp doesn’t always mean turning everything upside down. A simple addition like a vanity and faucet can make the difference.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

What Are Single Bathroom Vanities And Traditional Bathroom Vanities ?