Traditional bathroom vanities are exquisite, luxurious and quite easy to make them stand out. You only need to choose your backsplash wisely, which in this case should be a color contrasting with the vanity. You can play it safe with porcelain or ceramic tiles that doesn’t have any color variation. Or, you can also achieve a really elegant look with marble tiles that has a different color and variation.

Backsplash Mosaic Tile

Carrara Marble Backsplash

Carrara marble is a natural stone which can either be honed or polished to give the surface a different texture. It comes in white and gray color tones to create a wide variety of themes. The trick here is selecting the vanity that matches the Carrara tile. There are many traditional style vanities that come with Carrara marble top. It will be easy to select a backsplash design that matches this top. Don’t forget, vanity and backsplash is the centerpiece attraction when anyone walks into your bathroom.

Mosaic Designs

Here is another useful tip; how you arrange the tiles will also help bring out the traditional bathroom vanities. The standard size tiles are not a bad idea though you it’s a bit limiting. Why not venture into something completely different like a subway tile, a basketweave design or even a hexagon mosaic tile. These designs will create unique patterns on the wall or backsplash, creating leading lines that draw the eye to the vanity set.

traditional bathroom vanities


About color, you need to balance the vanity and marble to come up with an exquisite look. Cream, gray or white Carrara marble tiles seamlessly blend with dark or light colored traditional bathroom vanities. A white, dark brown or rosewood vanity set would pair perfectly. Marble tiles can also come in different colors like Emperador, Saint Laurent polished or Cappuccino beige, Nero Marble or Silver Fantasy. Get an expert to advise you on how to incorporate these tiles with the vanity color to come out with something totally unique.

James Martin 36 inch Traditional Bathroom Vanity

There are plenty other ways to get inspired on how to make your bathroom vanity stand out with marble tiles. Join online home design websites and click through a few pictures to see how other designers have achieved their looks. You can also visit Home Design Outlet Center Showroom to see how different tile-vanity matches work, and perhaps get an expert to advice. Or perhaps, you want to come up with something unique so you have a few ideas stringed up together to create a masterpiece. The bottom line is you can never miss that inspiration to make your bathroom as elegant as it needs to be.

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