If you have shopped for a traditional bathroom vanity before, you know that some accessories like bathroom faucets are not part of the package. Complete vanity sets come with cabinet, top, mirror and faucet. But the faucet included in the set might not be your design. It is easy to buy the bathroom faucets separately.

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Bathroom Faucets

Here are some tips:


Begin by deciding what color you want on the faucets. This is primarily determined by the color of the vanity itself. In many cases, the countertop works as the break between the vanity and the faucet itself, having a color that separates the two. You can choose the countertop accentuates a color that matches the base vanity or that.


Then there is the material your bathroom faucets should be made in. If the bronze piece coming with the vanity set is quite expensive, there are plenty of other options from only home décor websites. You can choose to have faucets in chrome, brushed nickel or Mediterranean bronze. You only need to look beyond the website that’s offering you a traditional bathroom vanity set to get a better deal on bathroom faucets.


Thirdly, decide what your budget is for faucet. A little ‘window-shopping’ through different website will give you a rough estimate on what a faucet should cost. Then find out if you will be required to pay for shipping, as this will also add up to the cost.


  • We usually offer discounts if you buy faucets with the vanity.
  • Ask for a pick up discount on the items you are about to buy.
  • Make sure to order your faucets in advance to void delays.
  • Don’t buy a faucet that’s not designed for your sink.

You can always shop online for bathroom faucets at Home Design Outlet Center.

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