Bathroom vanity is the center of the design in the bathroom. You will see the variety of styles, sizes and color of bathroom vanities when you visit bathroom vanity store. Ideal size bathroom vanity is the one that fits in your bathroom correctly.

What are the standard bathroom vanity sizes ?

The standard bathroom vanity sizes are 24 inch30 inch36 inch42 inch48 inch60 inch single60 inch double and 72 inch double

24 inch

One of the most common size vanity for a bathroom is the 24 inch vanities. Both wall mount and free standing models are ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms.

48 inch

48 Inch Bathroom Vanity is the most common size that’s preferred in a bathroom. They are neither too small nor too big in width, making them ideal size vanity for medium sized bathrooms. This size vanity is practical with all of the features which are included in it. Most of the models include a countertop as well as sink.

A 48 inch bathroom vanity is a standard size so there are plenty of vanity designs to choose from. Most of the models are big enough to have drawers on each side.

48 inch modern bathroom vanity
Alya Bath Paterno 48 inch Rose Wood Free Standing Modern Bathroom Vanity with Top

Important notes

  • Bathroom Space – Make sure to measure the depth as well, width of the vanity might fit but depth and height is important as well.
  • Fixtures – Choose design that will go with the bathroom theme.
  • Organizing – Make sure your vanity offers enough storage space.
  • Mirrors – Framed or frameless, or medicine cabinet.
  • Countertop Materials – Such as marble, granite, glass, porcelain or acrylic.

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Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide