How To Make New Bathroom Vanities Fit In Older Bathrooms and Porcelain Tiles

If you have an older home and you are redoing your bathroom, finding bathroom vanities with the right feel may be difficult. You may not want to use bathroom vanities that are too modern since they may seem out of place but older cabinetry may have the same drawbacks that the bathroom vanities you took out had. There are a few ways that you can make new bathroom vanities fit into older bathrooms but you do need to look for a few details in the bathroom vanities you are deciding between.

modern bathroom vanity

The first is finish. There are many new bathroom vanities that have been antiqued and have a beautiful finish to them. Since they are already distressed as they would be if they had spent a hundred years in a home, these bathroom vanities will work well in an older home. You may also be interested in bathroom vanities that have been painted and then have had paint or other finishes applied over top in such a way that the underlying color shines through. This can be a fantastic way to bring some classic style into an older room without worrying about the quality of the construction or the soundness of the material that were used to build it.

modern bathroom vanity 2

Another detail to look for when searching for older looking bathroom vanities is to look for legs rather than bathroom vanity which are flush to the floor. This can make them look more like separate cabinets than built in bathroom vanities. The use of moldings can also really help to contribute to an antique feeling in the bathroom vanities that you are thinking about putting in your home.

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You may also want to look for special hardware or hinges on the bathroom vanities you will purchase. These may be larger, heavier and more ornate than the hinges and hardware that are used on modern cabinetry. Just remember to think about what color your faucets and taps are when selecting the hardware and hinges that you will use on your bathroom vanities. The last thing you want to do is use brass hardware or hinges on bathroom vanities if you have stainless steel taps and vice versa. One thing that you do need to remember is that older hinges that were used on bathroom vanities and other cabinetry were meant to be seen and often have a hand-hammered appearance. If you see bathroom vanities that love but they do not have the right hardware, you can always change it out fairly easily and inexpensively.

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The style of sink can play as much of a role in the style of your bathroom as bathroom vanities can. Remember that up to a certain point, a more classic bathroom would do well to include bathroom vanities that have more traditional sinks. That being said, you may also be able to get away with a vessel sink which sits on top of the bathroom vanities you are using since this can give the look of a very old bathroom that may have been using a pitcher and basin before plumbing was installed.


The right bathroom vanities can go a long way to helping set the feel of a room. By picking ones that are true to the feel of your home you will end up with a soothing and beautiful place to relax and unwind.

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