Standard widths for bathroom vanity cabinets are 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72”. When we categorize them as small vanities, 24 and 30 inches are counted as standard ones. However you do not have to stick with standard sizes. It is a great idea to pull away the standard vanities’ monotony and go beyond it with a non-standard one.

In this regard, we are always ready to make your dreams come true with our custom bathroom vanity option. We can create a vanity in any sized you dream! 

Customize your bathroom with a non-standard vanity!

Just in case you prefer purchasing pre-manufactured ones, you will find some odd-sized small bathroom vanities out below. You will be kind of customizing it with one of these rare middle sized vanities by yourself.

Legion Furniture 18 inch non-standard sized Gray Sink Vanity Slim Legs

What are the possibilities?

KubeBath Bliss 16 in. Walnut Wall Mount non-standard sized Modern Bathroom Vanity

It is time to renovate your bathroom. You took the measurements and just realized the dimensions are a little unusual. They might not match with standard sizes. No worries needed. It is still possible to utilize your odd space with an in-between sized vanity.

Exemplary; innovative design and economical in size make this Bliss 16 with inch wall mounted bathroom vanity by Kubebath ideal for any smaller location.

Avanity Delano 25 in. Vanity in White finish with Carrara White Marble Top

If you have space more than 24 inch but not enough for 30 inch, a 25 inch bathroom vanity perfectly fits in your bathroom!

Avanity brand both offers storage either don’t sacrifice too much space. Thus, it won’t overwhelm the room.

They designed Delano to accent a range of bathroom decor, blending simple beauty with unmatched versatility. Add understated elegance to your bathroom with the Delano Collection. 

Avanity Thompson 25 in. Vanity in Charcoal Glaze finish with Black Granite Top

After all just be flexible and find the vanity that fits the existing space, offers storage and it will still look good.

Classical in style, the Thompson 25 inch combo by Avanity boasts a timeless appeal that will enhance the beauty of any bathroom. It is perfect for odd shaped rooms.

Even 24 Inch Looks Huge…

KubeBath Cisco 16 inch Stainless Steel Console with Acrylic Sink in Matt Black

Maybe when took your dimensions you realized that it is not possible to go for even 24 inch one. Or even if you have enough space, you might not want to waste too much area with a bigger vanity.

For instance, this elegant Console Vanity by Kubebath is compact in size and ideal for any small bathroom or powder room.

Legion Furniture 16 inch Vanity non-standard sized bathroom vanity

We have some bite-sizes such as 16”, 18”. You can create a specious vibe with also a small vanity instead of standard and big one.

Legion Furniture’s 16 inch natural wood look vanity in Nordic Oak is thoughtfully built for a small modern bathroom. With a functional self-closing drawer and door with black handles and integrated ceramic sink, this vanity is the change your bathroom has been waiting for.

Just a few inches less from standards

If your dimensions are around 20-22 inches; you have an annoying a few inches of nothing between the vanity and the wall when you go for a 16 or 18 inch vanity. It looks so much better to have the vanity extends a couple inches on either side the vanity. Here are 20 and 22 inches mid-sized vanity options.

Blossom Milan Collection is a beautiful, elegant design that features different finishes such as briccole oak, glossy white, silver gray and gray-white combination. Built from all wood material that assures a long lasting durability. 

Blossom Milan 20" Glossy White Vanity Set with Medicine Cabinet

As true to its form as it is to formation, Modena by Fine Fixtures is simplicity as a form of decor. A great add on to futuristic bathroom layouts, it brings hotel style to your home. Straight lines and durable openings are artistically placed so that they don’t demand much, but have a distinctive presence that personifies minimalist bath storage.

Fine Fixtures Modena  non-standard Sized Modern Bathroom Vanity 16 Inch Gray Oak

Bring sleekness to your bathroom with a non-standard vanity

Your tiny bathroom will be sparkling with one of these small singular vanities. It’s a perfect solution for your odd shaped unusual bathroom. You will bring stunning energy to your place with adding some little fancy fixtures. You will be catching the chicness with the sumptuous choice.

If you’re looking for something traditional but not bulky; James Martin is here for your flawless bathroom with their 26 inch width bathroom vanities!

James Martin Furniture Brookfield 26" Antique Black  non-standard Sized Single Vanity

James Martin Furniture Brookfield 26 Inch Antique Black Single Vanity

The Brookfield 26 inch single sink, Antique Black vanity by James Martin Furniture features hand carved accenting filigrees and raised panel doors. Single door cabinet with a shelf for additional storage space. 

James Martin Furniture Providence 26 Inch non-standard Sized Bathroom Vanity Cottage White

James Martin Furniture Providence 26 Inch Cottage White

The Providence 26 inch Cottage White vanity by James Martin Furniture features a Plantation Style take that can take you anywhere. From the beach, to the cottage, to the cabin you will feel at home with this beautifully hand crafted piece of furniture as the focal point in your bathroom. 

James Martin Furniture Savannah 26" non-standard Sized Single Vanity Cabinet Driftwood

James Martin Furniture Savannah 26 Inch Single Vanity Cabinet Driftwood

James Martin Furniture Balmoral 26" Single Vanity Cabinet, Antique Walnut

James Martin Furniture Balmoral 26 Inch Single Vanity Cabinet, Antique Walnut

The Balmoral 26 inch Antique Walnut non-standard sized vanity by James Martin Furniture features hand-carved details, from the cabinet feet all the way through the door.

Take a quick look to our website for finding more must see mid-sized vanities!