Open bottom shelf bathroom vanities bring a modern look to your bathroom without sacrificing storage. These vanities sit lightly a top the floor and keep the space bright. In this way, open shelf makes a tiny bathroom feel much larger by lending a more spacious feel. 

Roomy open bottom shelf offers you both extra space for storage and showing off your passion for styling your home. The shelf below adds space to keep toiletries, linens, wrangling towels and other necessities. These vanities also provide different design ideas for example by repurposing antique containers or baskets.

Open vanities fits any setting from traditional to cottage to contemporary as a space saver.

A great storage solution for small bathrooms

Although open vanities function well in large or small bathroom, they are often preferred in smaller bathroom spaces due to the open space beneath makes the bathroom feel more spacious.

Including an open shelf under your bathroom countertop is a great way to add more storage to your bathroom and gives you an opportunity to add new materials to the space.

A mix of open shelf and closed storage adds drama and visual interest to your bathroom

Even if you don’t want to reveal your toiletries, tooth brushes, face creams and the like you can find open vanities with drawers along the top. Thus you can put the things which you don’t want to show off in the drawers. Drive forward your accessories or pretty towels etc. in the open area! Your guests do not need to tamper your close drawers to find towels as may be required. It is good idea both keep your privacy and reflect your taste at the same time.

Some vanities also hold a set of drawers to provide more storage and keep bathroom products more organized. The different compartments store a variety of bathroom items while maintaining an organized look. These are not only stores several towels, but it also brings interest to your bathroom.

James Martin Furniture Sonoran 72 inch Open Bottom Shelf Double Vanity Silver Oak

Making use of every inch of space is essential in your bathroom

You do not have to sacrifice the space where you put the vanity anymore. In small bathrooms, it could be hard to find enough space for both place essentials and making a tasteful decoration.

Convert your open shelf to the showcase!

Its a sensible choice to prefer open vanities to gain favor the small area for different purpose. Forgoing a closed cabinet makes you use the bottom part for other things which show your design taste with some accessories. In this way, you can easily put even something you can’t place in closed door cabinets. You have less chance to decorate your bathroom with stylish pieces in closed cabinets. However these vanities create enough space to fit few baskets and maybe even a small garbage can. Or use it just for operating storage you need! Open shelves are the perfect storage solution for towels and other personal care items.

Avanity Brooks 61 in. Open Bottom Shelf Double Vanity in White finish

Unveil all the baskets! 

You will like the way you show baskets off in an open vanity. Baskets are great for wrangling towels, hair appliances, toilet paper and other bathroom necessities in an attractive way. An open vanity will be a good place for you to find an assortment of function and stylish instead being obliged to hide your things behind a closed vanity’s doors.

If you would like to hold to standart vanity, our Wilmington collection is the best option between open bottom vanities. This collection gives a modern and inviting look by provide a convenient place to store all your bathroom essentials. The open shelf keeps a minimalist feel while getting the functionality of extra storage and adds enough warmth to the space to keep it from feeling cold and uninviting.

Alya Bath Wilmington 72 inch Open Bottom Double Bathroom Vanity in Espresso

Create your own open shelf vanity

You have also an opportunity to create your own open shelf bathroom in anytime. We can customize your bathroom with your dream open vanity ideas. These are some tips you should keep in mind if you create a uniq open shelf:

*If you have a masculine bathroom for instance with such as a stone counter, choosing dark shelf under it and dar hardwares contrast the light materials in the bathroom.

*Metal shelves under the sink could be awesome for catching an industrial look to your bathroom.

*Are you a big fan of wood materials in the bathroom? Go for the same wood on the shelf and walls and floors of the bathroom, creating a cohesive look and helping to warm up the rest of the bathroom. If you also like a traditional design, look for solid wood shelves. Even if your bathroom predominantly covered in stone tiles, is warmed up with the wood counter.

*You can choose wall to wall long wood self under the counter of the minimalist bathroom, it creates a place to store bathroom supplies and adds an element of depth to the space.

*Leaving a bit of space between the end of the shelf and the end of the counter creates the perfect spot for either a trash can or a laundry basket.

You are always welcome to call us or visit our showroom to get more ideas for creating a spectacular bathroom with open bottom shelf vanity!