Remodeling Bathroom Vanities with Alya Bathroom Vanities

When people want to create a fresh new look in their bathrooms and dressing rooms, they often choose remodeling the bathroom vanities they have rather than purchasing all new ones. This is very doable as long as the cabinetry is still sound.


One of the first things people do when they are remodeling bathroom vanities is to change out the countertop and sink. This alone will give the cabinets a fresh new look. You can add some new faucets to the new sink and really liven up the countertop. These vanity tops come in stainless steel, marble, cultured marble, and several other different materials. Some of the different tops are made with built in sinks and some are made for a sink to be inserted into. You can also buy tops that are made of materials that are resistant to stains or burn marks from appliances like curling irons, and flat irons.

alya bathroom vanity

Replacing the top is a fresh way to liven up the room without spending quite as much on the process.  You can also exchange the drawer pulls, the cabinet hinges, and the cabinet door handles with new hardware. Not only will the new hardware refresh the look of the room, but it will cause the drawers and cabinet doors to work easier.

Many people opt to paint the existing bottom portion of the cabinetry when they remodel. You must remember before you paint you have to remove old lacquers. If you do not know if your cabinet has lacquer on it you should check to see if it was a glossy looking wood originally. The thing that causes the glossy look is lacquer, and your new paint will not stick to the wood until you remove the lacquer.

All of these steps may save you some money when you decide to do a remodel on bathroom vanities, but you may want to shop around a little before you take on all that work. You just might find that you could purchase the items brand new at close to the same amount you were going to spend refurbishing the existing pieces. If this is the case you need to determine if you want to invest the time on the project, or if you could use your time elsewhere.

alya bathroom vanity

If you decide you do want to check into the cost of new pieces to replace your bathroom vanities then you should try looking at some of the online websites that specialize in these products. You will find that you will have the opportunity to take your time and really look closely at all your options without the pressures of a salesman standing just a few feet away. You will also get to do your browsing through the selections they have at any time that is convenient for you. That means while you are still in your PJs sipping coffee, you can be looking at the new styles of cabinetry there is available. These online stores will have all the dimensions of each piece posted so you can be certain you will be getting a piece that will fit into the space you have available.

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