You can conserve space and make you bathroom feel less confined and cluttered with the right small bathroom vanities. You can buy a small vanity simply for the good look. There are small vanities very well designed and functional as well.

Design Tip: You can create the delusion of large rooms with a small vanity. You just need to find the correct one for your bathroom.

Alya Bath Paterno 24 inch Small Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

Small Vanity Sizes

Small bathroom vanities usually vary from 18 – 24 inches; typically large enough for a sink having no counter space. Such units generate storage even as concealing distasteful things such as the plumbing beneath the sink.


A big mirror will reflect the space and make the room appear larger alongside with your small bath vanity. Also, there are medicine cabinets that can be used as mirror and storage. Their major function is to serve in the form of storage.

If you’re fascinated with small vanity for conserving room inside a small room, here’re a number of tips, while even generating the delusion that the bathroom’s larger.

small bathroom vanities


First off, make use of light colors on top of the walls as well as floor, like gray, black and white. This provides the delusion of additional space, and provides additional space to the vanity even in the event of the space being imaginary.

Wall Mounted Small Vanities

Attempt to discover a vanity, which does allow for a sink which is mounted to the wall. If possible, make use of wall cabinets having open shelves, which is also going to be making the room feel additionally open.

These tips together with your bath vanity will add to the feel of room inside a bathroom enormously. However, on space not being a trouble, small vanities moreover go wonderfully in bigger bathrooms.

Small bathroom vanities can be a significant design part even in large bathrooms. They make big bathrooms appear even larger. They can help in generating an uncluttered, clean feel to the bathroom. Smaller vanities also generate a great design appeal. Small vanities are purposeful but not overbearing, and they can alter the entire feel of any sized bathrooms.

Small vanities can make small bathrooms additionally roomy and big bathrooms additionally designed and stylish.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Small Bathroom Vanities For Smaller Spaces