When we say “shallow depth bathroom vanities”, what do we exactly mean?

Bathroom vanities come in a number of different sizes and “size” is one of the most important factors when purchasing a new vanity. Even if people usually pay close attention to just width, the depth is also as important. Taking measurements just from left to right is a common mistake. One would always need to confirm that the vanity they choose is deep enough to work for your bathroom. When we say narrow, we’re referring to the depth of the vanity; that is the distance from the front to back.

What is the Standart Depth of A Bathroom Vanity?

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the standard depth of a modern vanity, from front to back, is typically 21 inches. This measurement is based on the countertop’s depth since all vanitys’ depth is usually one inch less than countertops’. However, narrow depth bathroom vanities are available that measure less than 21 inches and they are generally around 18 inches for smaller spaces. Using that standard number, anything with less depth than 21” would be something we consider a “shallow depth bathroom vanity”.

Eviva London Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanities

Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanities are Getting Popular

21 inches is the most common depth for bathroom vanities with nearly two decades in the industry. Shallow or narrow depth bathroom vanities aren’t the norm these days. As people continue to build larger homes, yet there continues to be a need for practical options for smaller existing spaces.

Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger with Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanities!

A narrow depth vanity is a great option in tiny bathrooms. Installing a slim vanity can increase open floor space and make small bathrooms look bigger. If you have a small or uniquely shaped bathroom, finding shallow depth vanities to fit your design can sometimes be a bit tricky!

This can be even more difficult to find than small vanities (measured in width) because it is so uncommon. Remodeling in older homes which can have an issue of limited space causes to find practical and attractive solutions such like.

How Shallow Does My Bathroom Vanity Need To Be? 

The depth of your vanity obviously depends on the amount of space you have in your bathroom! To find the best size for you, start by measuring from the wall where the vanity will be installed to the wall directly across from it. Then you will want to determine the best depth of vanity for your space.

Here’s Some Options to Make Things Easier for You

If you are looking for marble, granit or quartz countertop, it’s almost impossible to find options with less than 21 inches. They usually measure 21 inches of depth. 

However Eviva London collection is the best solution for this seeking. We can consider this vanity as an exception in vanities with marble tops. These are fully functional while only occupying 18” of depth from cabinet face to the wall.

This transitional vanity is truly a one of a kind vanity. With a depth of 18″ it offers a plethora of storage space in a compact size. This vanity made from solid wood with a white Carrara marble countertop, undermount porcelain sink and brushed chrome knob/handle. Available in a single or double sink version in white, gray or espresso and in many sizes from 20 to 60 inches.

Eviva London 48 In. Transitional White Bathroom Vanity with White Carrara Marble Countertop

Another collection of Eviva which offers 18” depth with white carrara marble top is Happy. This is ideal for people looking for something with transitional elegant look yet doesn’t take up much space. It is constructed of solid wood with durable water resistant outside and inside.

Eviva Happy 30 in. X 18 in. Transitional Grey Bathroom Vanity With White Carrera Marble Countertop Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanities

However acrylic and porcelain tops measure mostly 19 inches. If you’re not persistent on marble tops, check our Alya Bath Ripley collection for 18 inches of depth with acrylic tops. These contemporary vanities have a very slim frame with depth dimensions measuring 18”. They will perfectly fit in small bathrooms and provide plenty of storage.

Alya Bath Ripley 30 inch Freestanding Modern Bathroom Vanity Black

You have always chance to create your own countertop with desired depth with our customizing option. It’s enough to check this page for making your bathroom unique!