You can elevate your showering experience with a shower panels. With a quality system, you can make your everyday routine more enjoyable than ever. Not only they will transform your bathroom into a five star spa, they also add a nice touch to your bathroom shower wall, giving it a classy and elegant look.

Shower Panel
Shower Panel

What Are Shower Panels ?

Shower Panels are a distinctive modernization which has lately been pioneered in the plumbing industry. They are the fixtures mounted on top of the wall which can be a substitute to regular showers. They include a lot of additional features, such as body jets and handheld showers rather than having only a shower-head.

These fixtures are a lot more than a shower-head and a handle. They unite astonishing technological progresses in characteristics for making the shower experience additionally enjoyable. Among the more trendy features are the additional body spray jets which, simultaneously stroke your body through water streams. They’re also obtainable in a extensive option of finishes as well as colors that is able to be suited to approximately all decors.


Shower columns are a single piece units that include all the functions. They can vary in dimension from 43 to 65 inches in height. The widths are normally between 6 and a little more than 16 inches.

Shower Panels are space savers, although they present a few of the identical features which can be found in custom designed showers. These units are the the most excellent choice who want to benefit from the same functions and features of high-end custom shower rooms.

Installation Fixed Shower Columns

Upgrading your shower with shower panels is a straightforward process. Wide-ranging plumbing modifications aren’t often required, and installation is as easy as changing your existing shower. The units are fully assembled. Just regular hot and cold water connections are needed after fastening them to fitting wall spaces. It still is a good idea to consult a licensed plumber since your plumbing requirements might be different.

Water Pressure

Since there is a lot of water flows concerned, among the more vital considerations for correct working of shower panels, is having enough water pressure. The unit that has a minimum of 3 outlets, a least amount of pressure of not less than 50 psi is advised. Minimum suggested supply lines should not be less than 3/4-inch in diameter, whereas drainages outlets ought to be not less than 2” in diameter.

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