Single Bathroom Vanities – Free up the space of your bathroom

Are you in need of freeing up a bit of extra space in your bathroom? If it is so then you must think about cutting back from a double to a single bathroom vanity. A single vanity consists of a single basin as well as sink, and adequate shelf and cabinet area to give you the entire functionalities requires by one person or a small family. But cutting back in size doesn’t imply cutting back in quality. The single bathroom vanities that we offer are elegant and are available in an extensive variety of styles that range from contemporary to conventional to very old. And they’re priced so that they may fit any financial plans.

alya single bathroom vanities

A bathroom that is small does not have to be an unattractive bathroom. There’re numerous tricks that may be included in the small bath to give it an attractive appearance and bigger is some instances. Many of the tricks take into account your bathroom vanity. Here’re a few ideas that you might want to consider.


  1. Use the storage space available in your vanities. This aspect is so apparent that it’s neglected in many cases.  If you bathroom is small then most probably it would not have plenty of area to fit in additional bathroom cabinets. But you should keep in mind that almost all vanities have cabinets also known as bath vanity cabinets as well as drawers. These might be utilized for keeping tissue paper, spas and so on.
  2. Utilize the mirrors well. Mirrors that are large give the room a larger appearance. Thus if the vanity contains a small mirror think about substituting it with a large mirror.
  3. You might think about placing the vanity at the corner of the bathroom. A few of the single bathroom vanities are small enough to be tucked away at the corners of the bathroom. This will actually free up space in the bathroom.
  4. Instead of using single a bathroom vanity with sinks you may consider making use of a pedestal sink. This will provide much more area to your bathroom. Of course you would be needing some additional bathroom cabinet space and so while trying out this idea also take into account a side cabinet. But pedestal sinks are not intended solely for smaller bathrooms. Ones having additionally large baths may replace their bathroom vanity with a pedestal sink and a cabinet at the side.
  5. There is also the option of creating the illusion that the bathroom is more spacious than it actually is by employing a vanity that is of a light color and not a darker color.

alya single bathroom vanity

It is always true that choosing the appropriate bathroom vanity is significant in rendering a bathroom more fashionable and comfortable. This is truer in the case of smaller bathrooms win which each and very design either takes away or ad to the confusion. It is important for you to select the right vanity to make most of the space available in your bathroom.

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