Modern bathroom vanities are widely used in bathrooms in Europe. Now these vanities are available for US consumers.

European design vanities are different made from different construction materials than our traditional vanities. The standard look this type of vanity is a bottom wooden cabinet fused with a different material for the countertop. It could be porcelain; natural stone or glass depending on what style you is going for. Alternatively, both the top and bottom part can have the same material.

KubeBath Fitto 48 inch European Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity – Single Sink

Europe Vanity Sizes

As for design, there is a lot to choose from depending on how large your bathroom space is. There are double bathroom vanities as large as 48 inches and some up to 72 inches large. They can come with a total of 6 drawers or 8 drawers depending on the design. Some may include bottom cabinets as well, which can be a single unit running from end to end or portioned to serve each sink and mirror, above them, individually.

If you have a large bathroom space that needs to be filled up, double bathroom vanities are a good choice. As opposed to traditional vanities, a modern bath vanity looks more urbane when mounted to the wall. This way they take up less space, get elevated to a preferred height and bring out a unique look in your bathroom.

Open Bottom Bathroom Vanities

Another chic design currently popular in the market is a bath vanity that includes a rack at the bottom. This replaces the traditional look of a bottom wooden base with drawers and plumbing unit. Nonetheless, the most popular modern bathroom vanity is mountable on walls and can incorporate a matching mirror on request.

Mirrors For Vanities From Europe

You can get a lengthy mirror that covers both ends of the double bathroom vanities. Or you can select two separate mirrors that will create more urban look. The mirrors can be full glass from end to end or they can be enclosed within a wooden frame matching the vanity color. Some mirror frames have an extra design to add mini shelves where you can store your shaver or sunscreen oil.

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