Quality Bathroom Vanities to Match Your Flooring

Have you ever thought of blending vanities with a cool mosaic for your bathroom flooring? It’s about time to spruce things up with a look you have never seen before. Mosaic tiles open you up to a lot of decorative options till you arrive to that dream design, you have always wanted.

Marble Mosaic Ideas

There are plenty of ways to make your vanity noticeable. While many people would go with a tile, you can be different with marble mosaic flooring. Marble has evolved over the years and plenty of cool designs have come up to achieve different styles and textures on bathroom flooring. There are three great marble tile ideas you can use as a guide.

bathroom vanities marble tile

Metal And Marble Mosaic

For an elegant look, metal and marble mix mosaic is great for a touch of gloss and shine. Marble mosaic comes in different shades you can experiment with. You can use the stainless steel for a shiny relaxed look, or aged copper aria for a fiery mood with the vanity being the center piece.

Natural Stone Mosaics

Natural stone mosaic is another ideal option for a more natural glossed up look. The come in variety like marble mosaics, travertine mosaics, pebble mosaics, and onyx mosaic. You can mix and match with mosaic styles to achieve a uniqueness that compliments your bathroom.

Design Tip: Tumbled travertine mosaics can perfectly work with traditional bathroom vanities with bronze fixtures.

Glass Mosaics

The third style you can go with is glass mosaic tiles. Glass is much recent addition and people are getting more confident with it for their interior decorative ideas. There are three main styles to pull of here; pure glass mosaics, glass subway style or glass and stone mix. They are perfect when you want to create a smooth shiny look on the floor to lead to your equally glossy vanity.

Mosaic on your bathroom floor will create attractive leading details to highlight bathroom vanities. Whether you go with glass, metal or stone, you will definitely achieve a gloss look that will compliment the perfect vanity.

Everything You Need To Know About Tiles

How To Select Flooring Tiles?

While selecting flooring tiles for a remodeling project, there are few factors to think about besides the look of the tiles. The material they are made from, and the resistance of the tiles to wear.

Polished Porcelain Floor Tile

The most used kinds of tiles for floor are marble, travertine, granite and porcelain and ceramic tiles. These floor tiles are set up as well as used with a profusion of triumph in the kitchen, bathroom, as well as entrance halls to residences and businesses. They are also suitable for open-air applications. A number of tile materials provide themselves more efficiently to explicit uses. For instance, stone as well as ceramic tiles are better matched to open-air uses compared to porcelain flooring tiles.

The primary feature for the majority of people the look of the product when selecting flooring tiles. Porcelain and ceramic tiles typically have more consistent color as well as designs, because they are artificial. These tiles are available in a range of shapes, sizes, as well as color patterns. Natural stone flooring tiles are incredibly trendy as well. And, based on the kind of stone chosen, it might present a rough, natural look or a smooth & elegant look.

Porcelain tiles are typically used for kitchen floors as well as bathroom floors and they are water resistant. When selecting ceramic or porcelain tiles, the majority of tile experts advise choosing a product having a slip resistant covering or gently scratched surface to avoid accidents. Natural stone tiles, like marble, granite, travertine or slate, are quarried with a little rough finishes. They all can be installed in bathrooms as well as kitchens.

The majority of tile products information relating to the breaking potency on the packaging. The breaking potency is the amount of pressure the producers guess the tile is able to endure ahead of breaking. Particularly for areas of high traffic, this measurement happens to be crucially significant.

Everything You Need To Know About Tiles