5 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Decor

Everybody is looking for more ways to redesign their home without breaking the bank in the process. But finding inexpensive ways to upgrade your rooms can be very time consuming. If you’re considering tackling a bathroom renovation, here are some tips to help guide you in the right direction.

Bathroom remodel
Try subtle changes with a shower curtain rod

It might sound strange, but by just raising the height of your shower curtain rod, you can give your bathroom the illusion of a taller ceiling. Or you could buy a curved rod, which helps to give a small shower the appearance of more space.

Overhaul your bathroom mirror

Replace your old overhead light with something cooler like LED mirrors. This will provide a balanced lighting setup and create a dramatic ambience in your bathroom.

Turn your wall into an art gallery

If you love flea markets and garage sales, then be on the lookout for vintage pictures that will turn an ordinary bathroom wall into a collage, by arranging them from the floor to the ceiling.

Adjust your bath mats

Buy two or three mats and layer them. This will not only give a softer feel underfoot, but, by using different colors and textures, you will also give your bathroom a more bohemian atmosphere.

Get rid of that tacky lighting fixture

By exchanging an outdated light fixture with one that is decorative and more up-to-date, you’ll be giving your bathroom a whole new appearance without spending a fortune.

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Make a Difference By Updating Your Bathrooms With Modern Vanities

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List your daily functions and you will come up with ideas that will help you decide on bathroom vanities. You can solve that storage problems while providing the right ambiance for your bathroom.

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