Home Design Outlet Center Reviews

Before making a buying decision, customers go online and read opinions and experiences of others to find out whether a company is creditable or not. 

There are many articles about how important these review sites for small businesses. Is it really the case? Do these reviews really give you a clear idea about a business? Are these review sites getting paid for these services? 

Yelp Reviews 

One of the biggest name in business review websites is Yelp. However, Yelp is far from being reputable review site out there. Many others often prove to be even more useful for products or services.

Home Design Outlet Center, after being in business for over 14 years has only few total Yelp reviews. At the bottom of the reviews page, in small prints there’s a link, more reviews but not recommended ! Most these reviews are positive reviews but they are not displayed. We can confirm that these reviews are from legitimate customers. Yelp can’t explain why these reviews are filtered. 

Do you really think these reviews will give you a clear picture about a company? 14 years in business, thousands of customers, and just few reviews !

Let’s take a look at some of the negative reviews:

More than half of the reviews displayed are negative because many people do not prefer to share their positive experience. 

One of the main reason for negative review is, customers do not read the product descriptions and “Terms And Conditions”

Just like every other business, we make mistakes. We work very hard to learn from our mistakes and provide an excellent customer service. But there are always factors we can not control such as weather conditions, trucking company issues, damages etc. 

Also, there are customers threaten our business using these review sites: “I will post negative reviews on all your social media sites, if you don’t meet our demands!  These type of reviews can be identified easily. We make every possible effort to satisfy our customers. Unfortunately, we can’t please every one.

Yelp does not confirm if a review is real. You can simply write a review about any business without even walking into their store or doing any kind of business with them.  

Google Reviews

Google makes it very easy to find local businesses and provide very good information about them. You can learn a lot about the business, there are pictures, business hours, directions and customer reviews. Business owners can respond to all reviews, which is good feature but google doesn’t check the authenticity of the reviews either.

We want to respond to all reviews but no such customers exist in many cases. So, if you don’t like a company, you can simply write a negative review. It’s not fair but it’s that simple.   

Here are what we have learned from reviews and what consumers should do:

Read The Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions are very simple and clear. If you have any questions ask before you place your order. 

Visit The Store 

Online shopping made our lives a lot easier. You can simply shop for a bathroom vanity online at the comfort of your home. We do make every possible effort to show products on our website with actual pictures with detailed product descriptions. Nothing compares to seeing the bathroom vanities in person. If you are really picky about the cabinet color, if you are trying to match a specific design, we strongly recommend you to visit our showroom. There might be common name for a color but each color has different shades.

Learn More

Learn more about the products before you buy to avoid costly returns. Is the bathroom vanity you like will fit in your bathroom?

We all can agree that, businesses can learn from customer reviews and improve their services. But Yelp kind of review sites clearly shouldn’t be a part of your decision making. Their business model neither helps the consumers nor the businesses. They are only after the money …

Reasons Why You Need to Visit Bathroom Vanities Showroom

A lot of us don’t like how our bathrooms look like or we feel there is possible room for improvement for what we already have. These are just some of the reasons why you need to visit a bathroom vanity showroom. There is plenty to learn, see or get inspired to try a new look for your bathroom.


At Home Design Outlet Center  bathroom vanities  showrooms, there are attendants ready to answer your questions. They take you around showing the different bathroom vanities they have and the kind of accessories they can incorporate. Getting information this way is much faster compared to sending questions to an online help center.

Hands On Experience

For the DIY kind of guy, visiting a vanity showroom is the best place to practice how to install your own set at home. Of course there will be trained and experienced plumbers around showing people how to connect each faucet or how to mount a modern vanity on the bathroom wall. You get real hands on tips and updates on the latest designs of vanities in the market.

bathroom vanities california

Get Some Inspiration

Even if you won’t be purchasing immediately, you will definitely leave the bathroom vanities  showroom inspired. You get fresh ideas on how your bathroom could like when new tiles and a vanity are installed. Perhaps a new vanity is that missing item you have wanted to add to complete your bathroom décor; you can get all the inspiration from a showroom.

Tips For Shopping In a Bathroom Vanity Store

Bathroom Vanities Showroom 

Buying bathroom vanities online is a huge advantage for most homeowners; time saving, variety of products, quick payment systems and so on. However, we cannot forget the pains of online shopping as well, some which oblivious buyers find themselves and don’t know how to return the product or ask for a refund. Rather than be part of the grumpy dissatisfied customers, here are some golden tips on how to smoothly by from Bathroom vanities New Jersey store.

What You See May not be What You Get

Understand that most of the online images are professionally done, thus there may be some alterations in lighting or color correction. Always read the description of the item to find out what color it is. Then you can go to a local vanity store and check out the real appearance of those colors.

Measure Your Bathroom Space

Ever bought a piece of furniture only for it not to fit where it was intended? It happens to many people, before you even shop from an online bathroom vanity store measure your room first. Get the exact dimensions to determine what vanity size you will be looking out for as you browse. Remember this item will be shipped, so you would want it to be in the perfect size for your bathroom.

While Shopping Accessories 

Make sure you match the bathroom vanities to their respective accessories. If you are getting a mirror to go with your vanity, make sure they are matching in color or design. If you decide to order cabinets later to add to the stand-alone vanities, you need to get the size, color, texture, design all in order. Handle everything online perfectly so you have the peace of mind that the right product will be shipped to your doorstep.

Buying from an online bathroom vanity store can be a lot easier if you know how to look. These tips should give you some understanding on how online purchase works and possibly help you make your first purchase from bathroom vanities store.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Furniture

The majority of the time when we desire our residences to appear grand or to be comprehensive, we primarily center on areas like the bedroom, living room, dining area, as well as the kitchen. We hardly ever see residence owners give precedence to their bathrooms. Actuality, it’s among the most noteworthy parts of residences. Bathroom vanity furniture sets make our  bathrooms appear good and add additional functionality.

Modern bathroom vanity furnitures add fashion to any kind of lavatory. Since they’re obtainable in a variety of designs, it can effortlessly match a modern design and a traditional one. They’re also obtainable in a variety of dimensions so you won’t have a difficulty selecting one regardless of you having a large bathroom space, a modest one, or also a miniature one. Just similar to any additional furniture sets, they as well are available in a variety of colors. No matter what your first choices on the design happen to be, you’re certain to discover one that’s perfect for you.

Excluding the advantage of having it in the form of a go together with the general design of the  bathroom, it is also able to add much grand functionality. It is able to be made use of for storing a variety of things usually found on the bathroom like your soaps, towels, robes, and countless more. It assists keep the region organized or free from mess. Based on the design that you select, it is also able to have more than a few compartments so you are easily able to divide the more significant things which you have or to separate those large things from the lesser ones.

It isn’t that tough to discover good Modern bathroom vanities  because they’re made obtainable by a variety of shops. You are able to visit your neighboring furniture store and you are able to pick from the countless varieties which they offer. If you are not able to hit upon one which you like, you are able to even have one modified to go with your different needs. One more excellent alternative in finding a perfect one is to try more than a few online stores. You are able to compare diverse designs and diverse costs so you are able to be certain that you buy one that’s the most cost-efficient.

Given all the advantages that this kind of furnishing provides, they aren’t that costly. As mentioned they’re obtainable in extensive varieties so you’re able to choose one that you are able to use while not having to go over your financial plan. Just ensure that you don’t negotiate the quality. Seek one that’s crafted from high-class wood so you are able to have the assurance that they are going to last long. On you being uncertain, better abide by hardware shops of good reputation so that you’re able to avoid purchasing ones that aren’t durable.

Selecting Modern bathroom vanity furniture  for your bathroom is positively a good idea. They offer limitless benefits and they’re also affordable.

Mader Bathroom Vanity Furniture

Space Saving Small Bathroom Vanities

Not every bathroom is large and spacious. Space might become a bit of a problem but we know how to make the best of what we have. And our New Jersey showroom helps you find the small bathroom vanity with storage that will organize your bathroom space.

Small Bathroom Vanity Sets

We understand the need of small and compact bathroom vanities that are easy to fit and perfectly blend in to your bathroom space. Space saving not only gives you enough room to breathe but also allows you to properly manage space. Considering this we have a host of small bathroom vanities options that are cost effective that take up less space also giving you complete utility. These small bathroom vanities consist of bathroom cabinets that can be fixed to your bathroom wall or can be put up in a corner of your bath space. These are available in varied colors and textures so that your cabinet matches with the rest of your bathroom easily.

Bathroom Vanity Showroom

Our New Jersey Bathroom Vanity Showroom also has double bathroom vanity sets if you have the luxury of a comparatively bigger bathroom space. They come in sizes 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches as well. These bathroom vanity sets consists of a sink, cabinets and mirror. These bathroom vanity sets and bathroom cabinets are discounted of up to 70% off of retail prices.

Our New Jersey bathroom vanity showroom has more to offer you when it comes to small and compact bathroom space- like our shower panels. These are known for their compact size and effective working. These shower panels add magic to your space saving agenda in the bathroom. They are loaded with features that would give you a spa treatment every day and are so easy to install and operate. Along with space saving shower panels, we also have faucets and marble mosaics for that ultimate makeover of your bathroom.

These add-ons will turn your small bathroom into a cozy space saving luxury. Indulge in the bathroom modernizing experience with us in New Jersey showroom and see the difference that it makes.

Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanity

Having too many options to choose from is confusing. At our bathroom vanity showroom in New Jersey we give you plenty of alternatives to choose from, but we also ensure that you get professional assistance from our team. So, you pick the right bathroom vanity for your bathroom.

We insist that you visit our New Jersey Bathroom Vanity Showroom and feel the difference that makes redesigning your bathroom space a completely new experience. We have the latest and the most trending bathroom vanity sets which have been specially selected to help you choose from the best.

While choosing for the correct bathroom vanity you not only have to know about the current market trends but also the suitability for your bathroom. For instance, a 60 inch bathroom vanity set might be too big if you have a small bathroom space. A large double bathroom vanity set would be the perfect pick for those who needs lots of storage. Different consumers have different needs, some want modern vanity sets that are so easy to accommodate in any bathroom, some want traditional vanity sets that stand out. You are the best judge of your requirements and suitability.

Get Professional Help

With professional help you can add wonders to your bathroom modernization process. At our showroom all you bathroom redesigning worries will be taken care of. Our experts will assist you throughout the entire process of choosing your bathroom vanity from the displays available.

At our showroom we have a host of products that you can choose from. From single sink bathroom vanity to chrome finish faucets, from shower panels to vanity cabinets; our New Jersey showroom you have every item that your new bathroom would need. And these vanities are available at extremely affordable prices. The products that you would find in our showroom are the same as the ones you will find on our website. You can place your order online as well and have it delivered.

If you have planned upon redesigning your bathroom, then make sure it has the best vanity in it. We don’t redesign our bathrooms very regularly and when you have decided to do it- then make sure that you choose the best bathroom vanity from our New Jersey Bathroom Vanity showroom. After all, the modern vanity set is going to be a part of your house for some years to come. Make a choice that you would not regret later on. Do not let your redesigning efforts go waste and choose only the best!