Guide For Purchasing Discount Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity may be just the thing you need to add a touch of class to your bathroom. Bathroom vanities can be fairly costly, but if you do your research right, you can some money.

Discount Bathroom Vanities


You don’t have to be concerned that discount bath vanities are lesser quality. They are usually crafted from first grade materials. They’re typically discounted for the reason that the retailer is basically having difficulty selling them.


Some vanities are simply overstocked. Companies need to make room for the new merchandise in their warehouse.

Scratch & Dent Vanities

There are always returns because of size issues, wrong color selections etc. These returned merchandise might have open boxes, scratches and dents. They are usually offered at discount prices.

Where to look for discount bathroom vanities

If you are interested in buying a discount bathroom vanity, you must know where to look for them.Home Design Outlet Center is the best place to look for discounted bath vanities.

Big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s carry a wide selection of bathroom vanities. Their locations are simple to locate, but they don’t usually stock these type of vanities in their stores.

Home Design Outlet Center always have discount bath vanities in stock, in different styles and sizes.

Check Stock

If you are looking for a discount vanity in specific size, color or style, please call us to make sure that we have it in stock. If live close our New Jersey store, you are always welcomed to visit our showroom.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

How To Choose Bathroom Vanity Sets

But while you’re choosing a vanity set from that it is important to consider the specific features of the vanity set that best reflect your personal style, and combine durability, beauty and affordability to best meet your needs.

Bathroom vanity sets come in all materials and shapes and designs, from wood, to glass, to metal, to stone. Depending on the look of your house is it wood paneled? Is there wall paper? Are the rest of the accessories metal, or wood, or stone. You can coordinate your bathroom vanity set to match with the rest of the surroundings. But if you want a really fancy, well designed modern bathroom vanity sets then you can also make it the centerpiece of your bathroom, coordinating all other furnishings around it, or else making everything else simple and non striking, so that it stands out to best effect.

Bathroom vanity set should last a long time. So it’s best to choose a heavy, solid material, like wood. If you’re on a budget, then it’s wise to choose a less expensive set. You have all sort of choices at Home Design Outlet Center Showroom.

So while choosing bathroom vanity sets take advantage of the discounts and packages that the showroom offers. Just by going online and doing research, as well as choosing to go to New Jersey showroom for modern bathroom vanity sets instead of to a overpriced store, you can save a lot.

The Right Way To Renovate Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

A bathroom is perhaps the most important room of every house. It’s a room that gives the owner privacy, ‘me time’, relaxation, mental and physical hygiene. That’s why, a bathroom’s products like bathroom vanities should be considered carefully before they are purchased.

Is it durable? Is it pretty?’And perhaps most importantly, ‘is it affordable?’ is a question you should ask yourself while buying bathroom furniture and vanities.

Bathroom products, like bathroom cabinets, sinks, showers, toilets, other bath accessories , etc are always subjected to a lot of warmth and damp. They tend to wear away quickly, and fade quickly so it’s important that these fittings are not too expensive to buy or replace. That’s why quality discount bathroom vanities are the best type of bathroom products. They are affordable, and durable and stylishly simple.

They are the best choice for the home owner with low budget. Vanities are not complicated, artsy, easily broken objects they boast of simple functionality and beauty. Available in all kinds of colors especially the favorites white, espresso, black and gray. These are bathroom furnishing for people who actually use the bathroom, not just put stylish pictures of it in catalogues.

Discount Bathroom Vanities are available online, at extremely affordable prices. They are delivered to your home fast and easy.

Visit Our Showroom

If you’re a homeowner shopping for a new bathroom, or a builder or a contractor; Home Design Outlet Center Showroom is a must to visit. Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or building a new bathroom, you’ll find everything you need for your project.

Space Saving Small Bathroom Vanities

Not every bathroom is large and spacious. Space might become a bit of a problem but we know how to make the best of what we have. And our New Jersey showroom helps you find the small bathroom vanity with storage that will organize your bathroom space.

Small Bathroom Vanity Sets

We understand the need of small and compact bathroom vanities that are easy to fit and perfectly blend in to your bathroom space. Space saving not only gives you enough room to breathe but also allows you to properly manage space. Considering this we have a host of small bathroom vanities options that are cost effective that take up less space also giving you complete utility. These small bathroom vanities consist of bathroom cabinets that can be fixed to your bathroom wall or can be put up in a corner of your bath space. These are available in varied colors and textures so that your cabinet matches with the rest of your bathroom easily.

Bathroom Vanity Showroom

Our New Jersey Bathroom Vanity Showroom also has double bathroom vanity sets if you have the luxury of a comparatively bigger bathroom space. They come in sizes 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches as well. These bathroom vanity sets consists of a sink, cabinets and mirror. These bathroom vanity sets and bathroom cabinets are discounted of up to 70% off of retail prices.

Our New Jersey bathroom vanity showroom has more to offer you when it comes to small and compact bathroom space- like our shower panels. These are known for their compact size and effective working. These shower panels add magic to your space saving agenda in the bathroom. They are loaded with features that would give you a spa treatment every day and are so easy to install and operate. Along with space saving shower panels, we also have faucets and marble mosaics for that ultimate makeover of your bathroom.

These add-ons will turn your small bathroom into a cozy space saving luxury. Indulge in the bathroom modernizing experience with us in New Jersey showroom and see the difference that it makes.

Discount Bathroom Vanities Available At New Jersey Showroom

Hasn’t bathroom redesigning always been on your top priority list? And how many times have you backed out of the idea because of the high prices of bathroom vanities? Small bathroom vanities or the large bathroom vanities, overpriced products have never been appealing to consumers. But with us, you would never have to face such over pricing issues again.

Not only are our prices well balanced and extremely competitive, we are also offering you great discounts on bathroom vanities. We respect your budget and also understand that your redesigning plans should not be curbed due to budgetary constraints. With this very belief we are giving you steep discounts on small bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets that would convert your bathroom designs that were restricted to your imaginations in to reality.

At our New Jersey showroom, the discount bathroom vanities collection comprises of all the necessities that your bathroom might be in need of during redesigning. From small bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets to 84 inch bathroom vanity- the discount bathroom vanities collection has everything in store for you! Discounts up to 70% and more!

We also offer discounts on 84 inch bathroom vanity which is a series of bathroom vanities that you must put your hands on while redesigning your bathroom. This 84 inches bathroom vanity series is available in designs and styles that can blend into your bathroom while also standing apart for its exquisite appeal. This discount bathroom vanity is available in single and double forms with modern as well as traditional designs. These are easy to install, take up less space and have almost zero maintenance. 84 inch bathroom vanity is affordable, trendy and gives you ample space of storage for all your bath products and toiletries that are often found littered all around the bathroom.

Our New Jersey showroom staff is ready to help you to pick up bathroom vanities, tiles and more for your bathrooms. Our staff has expertise and knowledge that will make sure that you pick up the right thing in terms of trend and quality.

At our New Jersey Kitchen And Bath Tile Showroom you will come across variety of designs of discount bathroom vanities, whether they are bathroom cabinets or small bathroom vanities.

We have something unique for each one of you out there to make your bathroom a bit more special. In case you are looking for something more unique and customized, you can give our experts the specifications that you are looking for and we will have it made especially for you and delivered at your doorstep!