Kitchen Countertop Choices

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or replace your kitchen countertops, take a look at some of the choices before you make a choice.


Marble is an exquisitely luxurious material for making kitchen countertops. It is durable and scratch  resistant, making it a fine choice for all styles of kitchens.


Granite is recognized for its diamond hard durability. It is highly resistant to heat, stains and scratches and requires no sealing. Granite also offers fine resistance against molds.


Quartz countertops are essentially formed with 93% of crushed quartz, combined with plastic resins and color pigments. It is preferred due to its high availability in a range of colours. Quartz countertops are also hygienic.


Concrete kitchen countertops render an industrial look to kitchens. They are highly versatile and available in a variety of colors. Concrete can be poured to make the countertops, or the countertops can be created off-site first before they are installed. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops are used in a number of kitchens styled on traditional or contemporary lines. The way they match nicely with kitchen appliances adds to the appeal. The ideal spots for the countertops are around cooktops.L


Laminate countertops are budget friendly and are much preferred for the retro ambience that they create. The installation is quick and the material is durable, but it should preferably be safeguarded against heat.


Soapstone countertops make a preferable choice if you want the countertops to look unique. The material is durable an exhibits a high chemical resistance. Countertops made from soapstone also have a high temperature resistance and do not stain or scorch easily. Upon sealing, the countertops display a look which is darker and richer.


Acrylic countertops are durable and fit in seamlessly well in the kitchen to easily accommodate the sink as well. They resist wear and tear for years at a stretch and have a high resistance against heat, moisture, sunlight and stains. Light buffing is often all it takes to repair them.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile countertops are high on affordability and durability, and can be made of porcelain, ceramic or stone. They are available in many designs, and also make a nice DIY project.

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Custom Kitchen Countertops

Granite, quartz and marble, all form a preferred material for making kitchen countertops and add a naturally neat and stylish look to a kitchen. There are ways in which these all three countertops are similar.

Granite, just like marble is a natural stone which is mined, making every single slab unique. It is available in a variety of colors. Coloration of both marble and granite may not be consistent but that’s what makes marble and granite countertops unique and beautiful.

Unlike the two, quartz is not a natural material but a stone that is engineered. Slab is made from resin and pigment which binds the crushed quartz together. It’s very durable, easy to maintain and available in many different colors which makes it an excellent choice for countertop. 

Let’s take a look at how the three compare against each other.


Each of the three countertops is exceedingly durable and heat resistant. They last a life time with proper care.


Quartz is the toughest substance among the three, followed by granite and then marble.


Granite and marble are porous and it is possible for spilled liquids to seep into the stone and make a stain. For liquids of an acidic nature, such as wine or juice, marble is more vulnerable.

Quartz is almost completely non-porous, so it doesn’t stain easily or become a breeding ground for bacteria. This also makes the countertop easier to clean.

Unique look

With each slab of marble and granite being unique, it is very unlikely that someone else would have the same counters as you. Quartz slabs are engineered and not as unique as the other two.


While each slab is unique, marble and granite have a lot to offer in terms of colours and variety. But quartz has a nearly infinite variety to offer with unique pigments and colour. It is also possible to have a designer countertop made from quartz.


For kitchen countertops, granite, marble and quartz are all priced towards the higher side as compared to rest of the variants. Quartz is most affordable among the three but may not offer the much coveted natural look and ambience. Granite is stylish and easier to maintain as compared to marble, but marble just might be the preferred choice if you adore the look. Pricing for granite or marble will vary depending on the color you prefer. 

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