Purchasing Guide: Toilets

To remodel a bathroom naturally means buying a new toilet. These days, there’re a lot of options to select from. To find just the correct one to purchase might seem more complicated to what you thought but equipped with the correct information you’re able to approach the marketplace. This useful guide will inform you on the variety of features to think about when purchasing a toilet, a few design considerations, and common measurements for you to be able to select the ideal one for your residence.

Bowl Shape

Toilets are available in 2 shapes: elongated & round. Elongated toilet bowls are bigger when space isn’t an issue. However for quarters that is tighter, like a half-bath, a round toilets are a better option for its room saving dimensions.

Toilet tallness

The standard toilet height is 14 to-15 inches although it isn’t rare to see taller ones of 16 to 17 inches. Be certain to verify your state as well as local laws for the correct measurements.


The majority of toilets for residential use are One-Piece or Two-Piece models.

A One-Piece model happens to simply be a toilet in which the tank & bowl are merged together. These are simpler to clean and boast of a smooth, fashionable look.

For a Two-Piece toilet, the tank as well as bowl is disconnected from one another. They’re more widespread, simpler to ship in view of the fact that each of the pieces are able to be wrapped up into a additionally convenient shape, and happen to be simple to locate stand-in parts for.


The distance flanked by the floor drain as well as the wall, referred to as the rough-in, happens to be a necessary factor to reflect on when choosing your toilet. The usual distance happens to be 12″. 11″ / 13″ isn’t as ordinary but might be found inside older homes. You are able to establish the rough-in on a present toilet by calculating from the wall at the back of the toilet to the center of the bolts on top of the base. Calculate this space ahead of buying toilet to guarantee an appropriate fit.

Toilets at the present are available in a variety of water-saving technologies as well as conveniences. Look for toilets that have a Water Sense icon meant for preserving water. Such toilets happen to bee EPA permitted to make use of 1.28 gallons of water less for each flush. The usual toilet flush makes use of 1.6 gallons.