Shower panels – What are these?

Shower Panels happen to be a distinctive modernization which has lately been pioneered in the plumbing business. They happen to be fixtures mounted on top of the wall which is able to be made use of to substitute usual showers; however they’re able to include a lot of additional features, rather than having only a shower-head.

Shower Panels happen to usually be a single piece that includes all the facilities. They can vary in dimension from 43 to 65 inches in height, although a few manufactures have brought out units which are approximately 6 foot. The widths happen to normally among 6 and a little more than 16 inches. Shower Panels happen to be space savers, although they present a few of the identical features which are able to be found in custom designed showers. Such units are able to be the most excellent option for the house owner with a restricted financial plan, who desires to benefit from the same facilities & features of high-end shower rooms.

They’re also able to be made use of where space might be at a best, to take pleasure in personalized shower features, like in rental units / college dorms.
Shower panels happen to still be considered as a comfort item, and haven’t yet seen complete prevalent adoption. The figure of producers, although very bit by bit increasing, is still restricted to some expert companies. Substituting present shower heads with Shower panels is able to be a straightforward process. Wide-ranging plumbing modifications aren’t often required, and installation is able to be as easy as substituting your existing shower. On you not yet having a shower installed, it might be most excellent to check with an specialist, or look for some suggestion from knowledgeable plumbers, as every panel is distinctive and setting up may be dissimilar for every model.

Shower panels are a lot more than a shower-head & a handle. They unite astonishing technological progresses in characteristics for making the shower experience additionally enjoyable. Among the more trendy features seem to be the addition of as much as 8 body spray units, which are simultaneously able to stroke your body through water streams. They’re also obtainable in a extensive option of finishes as well as colors that is able to be suited to approximately all decors.

Since there is a lot of water flows concerned, among the more vital considerations for correct working of shower panels, is having enough water pressure. On the unit having a minimum of 3 outlets, a least amount of pressure of not less than 50 psi is advised, or a water pump might be required. Your plumbing as well as drainage systems ought to moreover be able to deal with the augmented water flow. Minimum suggested supply lines ought to be not less than 3/4-inch in diameter, whereas drainages outlets ought to be not less than 2” in diameter.

Setting up of panels is usually easy, and is able to be dealt with as a DIY task. The units happen to be transported with no assembly necessary, and just regular connections are needed after fastening them to fitting wall spaces. Due to the functionality, and the additional easiness of use and the giving of improved comfort, and the lure of comfort at very reasonable prices, the employment of such panels are able to be expected to added to, and lower costs can be looked forward to in the upcoming times. As the marketplace gets bigger, the figure of producers is also able to be expected to rise.