Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

Single sink bathroom vanities take smaller area in comparison to double sink bathroom vanity. Today to have an ideal place to live in, you have to give importance to every little details of your house. Bathroom vanities have become extremely important in designing and remodeling your bathroom space. Before choosing a style and décor, you need to carefully decide what you want and what you do not. If you want high end, modern vanities with lavish fixtures and style to decorate your bathroom, then you will have to search in the modern or contemporary section.

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Single Sink Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanity Styles

There are different varieties of bathroom vanities available today. They come in different sizes and shapes to satisfy every one’s needs and style. Single sink bathroom vanities, contemporary double sink bathroom vanities, traditional bathroom vanities, so on are available in the market today.

You can even customize your own bathroom fixtures and sinks according to your requirements and style. Before buying any new vanity, measure the length and width of your own bathroom space. Always select a vanity which will fit into your space.

Single sink contemporary bathroom vanity, give your bathroom space a new look and style. A bathroom should reflect it owner’s sense of style and his or her character. It should be stunning as well as comfortable to satisfy your daily needs.


Keep your budget in mind when you are looking for a new bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities of different price ranges are available nowadays. The price range depends on the quality and the brand name of the vanity. It also depends on the size of the vanity, whether it is a small corner vanity or a double sink contemporary piece of fashion, etc.

To remodel your bathroom area, you can easily hire a local interior designer for your place. It is not possible for every home owner to hire a professional decorator and designer. To stay in budget, you can take the help of internet services. With the help of online websites and blogs, you can research on various looks for your bathroom space.

Design Ideas, Tips And Product Information

Home Design Outlet Center Blog give house decoration tips and advice. Our blog will help will give you design ideas and product information. Pictures of sinks and fixtures, vanities and storage units everything is present on our blog. If you have any questions regarding the color and décor of your bathroom space, you can post your questions.

How to Purchase Bathroom Faucets for Your Traditional Bathroom Vanity

If you have shopped for a traditional bathroom vanity before, you know that some accessories like bathroom faucets are not part of the package. Complete vanity sets come with cabinet, top, mirror and faucet. But the faucet included in the set might not be your design. It is easy to buy the bathroom faucets separately.

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Bathroom Faucets

Here are some tips:


Begin by deciding what color you want on the faucets. This is primarily determined by the color of the vanity itself. In many cases, the countertop works as the break between the vanity and the faucet itself, having a color that separates the two. You can choose the countertop accentuates a color that matches the base vanity or that.


Then there is the material your bathroom faucets should be made in. If the bronze piece coming with the vanity set is quite expensive, there are plenty of other options from only home décor websites. You can choose to have faucets in chrome, brushed nickel or Mediterranean bronze. You only need to look beyond the website that’s offering you a traditional bathroom vanity set to get a better deal on bathroom faucets.


Thirdly, decide what your budget is for faucet. A little ‘window-shopping’ through different website will give you a rough estimate on what a faucet should cost. Then find out if you will be required to pay for shipping, as this will also add up to the cost.


  • We usually offer discounts if you buy faucets with the vanity.
  • Ask for a pick up discount on the items you are about to buy.
  • Make sure to order your faucets in advance to void delays.
  • Don’t buy a faucet that’s not designed for your sink.

You can always shop online for bathroom faucets at Home Design Outlet Center.

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Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

What are Single Bathroom Vanities and Traditional Bathroom Vanities ?

Single bathroom vanities are designed with only one sink area and a bottom cabinet spacious enough to fit your personals. They can be modern or traditional design, or a blend of both, transitional. Most of the single traditional bathroom vanities out there are designed from wood, a material that is naturally elegant and lasts long when pre-treated.

The modern style single bathroom vanities are pre-assembled and as free standing models. This means you don’t have to mount them on the wall. They have a convenient space behind the cabinet, where you can easily access the plumbing.

Countertop And Sink

The counter top can be made from marble, granite or quartz. Porcelain sink is the most preferred options for modern vanity pieces. The sink is commonly attached to the counter from underneath.


Sink hole for a single bathroom vanity can be a single or wide spread. Faucets are often sold separately to give you a chance to pick a style that suites the vanity. Most traditional vanities has three predrilled holes suitable for 8″ spread faucets.

James Martin Furniture Brittany 60″ Single Traditional Bathroom Cabinet

Single bathroom vanities are large enough to be functional. Most of them are spacious enough to fit all your bath essentials. They are ideal for any home that has small bathrooms.

You can shop for a single bathroom vanity from your home to suit your style and taste. The countertop can be made from pure marble stone guiding the eye to a glass made sink with a brass faucet. The bottom cabinets can be from pure plywood or a blend of plywood and veneer. You can choose to have bottom cabinets or just a wide space where you can fit a laundry basket if you wish.

Tip: There are bathroom vanities without top, you can pick a countertop color that matches you vanity cabinet.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, visit Home Design Outlet Center showroom and ask about all bathroom vanity options available.

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