Types of Modern Bathroom Vanities For Your Bathroom Remodeling

A dash of style that evokes that five star feeling is, how we can best describe the modern bathroom vanities. Not only do they add glam to your bathroom, they also create convenience of storage. There are different designs, built with durable high quality material.

Modern bathroom vanities can be installed in two ways; as single vanity sets or as double vanity sets. The single vanity sets are ideal for the small bathroom. They can be free standing vanities or they may need to be hung to the wall, wall mount vanities.

Types of Modern Bathroom Vanities For Your Bathroom Remodeling

Single modern bathroom vanities always come with a one-hole faucet mount. A simple and stylish faucet fits into the hole mount. Single hole faucets can be made from chrome, brushed nickel, satin black and bronze. The cabinet base preferably made from wood as this stands out more and brings out that urban oasis look better. The countertop can be marble, glass or pure wood as well with the sink vessel made in ceramic, glass or marble.

These modern bathroom vanities may include accessories like a single vanity mirror also made from the matching wood color of the vanity’s base. You can try something different like adding a medicine cabinet to store your essentials.

Double modern bathroom vanities

Now for the double modern bathroom vanities which are more spacious and wide for extra personal space. A classic modern look you will see in many house is double vessel shaped sinks with a chrome or bronze finish faucet. The drain can be a pop-up design for convenience, and two double mirrors for personal space. The vanity itself is made from veneer plywood or any other wood options and comes with multiple storage space to keep your bathroom tidy and uncluttered at all times.

Both modern bathroom vanities are designed from high quality wood that is treated to prevent moisture damage. The wooden design is strong enough to make the base study with a polished surface for easy caring. You can choose to have the vanity sets as stand alone or wall-mountable depending on what style you are looking for. There is plenty of color options and textures in the market you can use to personalize your bathroom and make it as cozy as ever.

Wall Mount Vanities Create An Illusion Of Space

Nothing adorns a wall more than wall mount vanities in modern homes. These types of vanities are space savers in small bathrooms. The design is trendy and makes a great impression. The end result is a minimalist sleek look that enables you to stand comfortably in front of the sink with your feet comfortably placed on the ground. The storage available may not be as much as is available in a free standing vanity but you can purchase a few baskets or storage containers to place neatly on the vanity.

Alya Bath Paterno 84 inch Double Sink Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity

Many of us fail to realize how much time a day we spend in the bathroom. You may go in to have a quick shower or spend a long time soaking in the tub. It is a great place to retreat to when you wish to be alone with your thoughts. It’s wise to think of renovating or redecorating this room to make it one of the best one in the house.

James Martin Furniture Sonoma 60″ Double Sink Wall Mount Vanity, Vanilla Oak


Before mounting one, make sure that you hire professionals to install it. Take proper measurements of the wall and the vanity and make sure that the installation process is carefully carried out. Since cut-outs are made earlier in the wall mount vanities to accommodate plumbing requirements. It is necessary to ensure that the lines and drain are properly entered. It is easier to keep the bathroom clean as the space is available under the vanity for cleaning purposes.

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