Bathroom vanities are usually chosen based on the following: is it pretty, is it durable, is it the right size, is is the right color, is the price right and most importantly, is it space efficient?

With our vanity sets you can be sure that every piece of furniture you buy is not only worth its price, but worth much and performs well above expectations for durability, and beauty. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the products we carry and they will help you pick the most space efficient vanity for your bathroom.

James Martin Furniture Sonoran 60 inch Single Vanity Silver Oak
James Martin Furniture Sonoran 60 inch Single Vanity Silver Oak

Here are some space efficient bathroom vanities:

Bathroom Vanities With Make Up Table

Having a make up table next to the vanity adds style and a classy feel to bathroom.

Design Element London 36″ Single Sink Vanity Set in White with One Make-up table in White

Glass Vanities

Glass is fragile, but gives a beautiful, see through look, that looks good in a calming, modern bathroom. This gives a shiny, efficient ultra modern look, apart from lasting well in the moisture and many spills of an ordinary bathroom.

Single sink bathroom vanity sets are available in two different design:

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Sets – this is space saving, good for metal, glass and light single sink bathroom vanity sets.

Free Standing Bathroom Vanity Sets- this is best for more solid, heavy, durable bathroom vanity sets, and the best for bathrooms that don’t have a huge space crunch.

They are also available in several other variations, like one door, two door, three door, double shelved, multiple shelved. Mirrored, non- mirrored, etc. depending on your requirements.

It’s best to check our website and look through all the different options before choosing the cabinet that best reflects your own style and needs. Home Design Outlet Center has great customer service and warranties. You can call, write to us, or email us any hour of any day.

Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide