How To Tie Bathroom Vanities In With Other Bathroom Elements

If you are trying to tie in the bathroom vanities you are installing with other bathroom elements you may be pleased to hear that it is not as difficult as you may believe. There are simple ways that you can take just about any of the bathroom vanities and work it in to an existing design scheme. Here are just a few of them that you may be interested in trying when adding new bathroom vanities into the bathrooms in your home.

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One of the first things to consider is that you do not need to tie bathroom vanities in directly with the bathroom itself. Many people are choosing bathroom vanities that are similar to other cabinets in their home. Bathroom vanities may use the same woods as the cabinets in kitchens as a way of making the entire house flow smoothly from one room to the next. If you do not have the money to replace bathroom vanities but want to give this look to your home, consider trying to use stains or paints in order to give a more cohesive look to your home.


You can also draw in trim from the bathroom vanities and use them in other areas of the bathroom. The opposite is also true in that you can use the trim found on many bathroom vanities in other areas of your bathroom. Think about how finished your room will look if you use the same style of trim on your bathroom vanities as you do on other cabinets you will be able to create a beautiful bathroom design. Just make sure that any products you use to decorate or finish either bathroom vanities or other bathroom areas are finished in such a way that they can handle the extra humidity in the air.

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You may want to think about using similar materials for floor tiles and the countertops on the bathroom vanities you install. Beautiful spa-like bathrooms can look amazing if you use marble counters on bathroom vanities and then use tiles made from the same marble on the walls around the bathroom vanities. This can be a beautiful neutral way to decorate that can be spruced up with many other decorative elements. As well, by using the same materials on bathroom vanities and on backsplashes, you can ensure that a small room looks larger, especially if the bathroom vanities have light colored counter tops.


Plumbing can also play a huge role in tying in your bathroom vanities with other plumbing in your bathroom. Many sets of faucets and taps come in models designed for use in tubs and showers and other s that have a similar feel but which are designed for other uses. Look for similar coloring as well as the shape of the plumbing fixtures themselves.

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If you are careful about how you work new bathroom vanities into existing floor layouts, you will be amazed at the seamless way that they can be placed in an existing room design. This can be great news for people who want to update the look of their bathrooms but not have the money to pay for supplies such as cabinetry.

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