The water is the most relaxing material for human body, mind and soul on the earth! It is used even for healing by therapists! Therefore, getting together with the water can be counted as essential. Swimming in the sea or going to the pool can not be possible easily in our daily rush. Choosing to put a sleek bathtub in your bathroom will solve the problem effectively. You can transform your bathroom to a private center of relief such as a spa center. You will reach to the pure tranquillity by floating away all your daily stress!

Avanity VersaStone 67 Inch Free Standing Solid Surface Soaking Tub

One of the pros of having freestanding bathtub is easily fitting any spot you choose to set it up. If your bathroom has a splendid view, putting the tub next to the window could be an elegant choice.

You can catch a glam look by placing stunning curtains, stylish tiles, an aesthetic side table, luxe rugs, mirror walls or a cozy fireplace. When you put them together, it helps to create the spa vibe and makes your space an exact centerpiece! Using a wood material wall panels could bring warmth and cozy feel you need in your bathroom.

Wyndham Collection Soho 60 inch Freestanding Bathtub in White with Floor Mounted Faucet, Drain and Overflow Trim in Brushed Nickel

Adding contrast by painting your walls behind your tub with alive color could be a great idea because of the base finish of bathtubs are usually white. Therefore you do not need to stick to traditional classic white color for the rest of the place. Preferring loud paint color put your tub forward and show its beauty perfectly by adding a modern touch.

Lots of people think setting the tub in front of the wall and in the middle of the room would look bulky. Whereas it brings a minimalist touch to your bathroom. You can match it with authentic light and faucet system. 

Fine Fixtures Hudson 64 Inch Freestanding White Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub always brings a luxe and chic vibe to any bathroom.

If you have enough space, you should definitely consider about having a tub which best fits your home’s vibe among our variety of styles! You can pick the best one such as oval, rectangular and round shapes according to your design taste. You are going to feel like as if you are the king/queen in your luxury palace while you are lying down in your bathtub.

Fine Fixtures Bisque 69 Inch Freestanding White Bathtub

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