Bathroom vanity units come in different styles and types. They consist of cabinets, sinks and mirrors. A few of the trendy styles are discussed below.

Bathroom Design

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanity Units

Single Sink

This type of vanities are designed with only one sink which can be placed in the middle. If the sink is not centered, it’s referred as “off centered”.

Bathroom vanity unit
Single Sink Vanity Unit
Single Vanity Unit With Off Centered Sink
Single Vanity Unit With Off Centered Sink

Double Sink

The double sink vanities provides a couple of sinks and is as a rule made use of in the shared bathrooms. The top’s might crafted with marble or granite while the sinks are made from porcelain or acrylic. Also, acrylic top is very popular for these type of cabinets.

Modern Double Bathroom Vanity
Modern Double Sink Vanity Unit

Free Standing

The cabinet that sits on the floor on their legs or on the main cabinet is called free standing. They are easier to install than wall hung units.

Free Standing Vanity Unit

Wall Mounted

This type of vanity units are perfect for for average sized bathrooms. The cabinet is mounted on the wall instead of being freestanding.

Corner Units

These type of vanity units are perfectly crafted for smaller sized bathrooms. While, these unites possibly will not take up the center stage, they can very much be functional. The majorities of such units include cabinets as well as sink situated over the floor, and typically come with no mirrors.

Corner Sink Cabinet Unit
Silkroad Exclusive 32″ Single Corner Sink Cabinet Unit With Travertine Top

Different Styles Of Bathroom Vanity Units


The traditional units consist of cabinet, drawers, shelves, counter and sinks. Such types of vanities are usually come in standard dimensions. And, they are made from solid wood or plywood.


Transitional vanity units are the the style between traditional and modern. This vanity is great example of combination of styles where traditional meets contemporary. It blends rural and industrial details to create an intriguing cabinet that will be the centerpiece of your bathroom.

Transitional Vanity Unit
Transitional Vanity Unit

Country Style

Country style comprises of a rustic appearance and includes much of unpainted wood. They assist to add a straight forward and fresh appearance to the bathroom. They are also perfect choice cottages homes.


These sorts of furnishings are steadfast to their name. They’ve middle-of-the-road shades, straight lines, neat and clean look. They excellently suit the contemporary design. They are for people who are not fond of flashy and cluttered designs.

Minimalist Design Vanity Unit
Minimalist Design Vanity Unit


Classic vanities for the most part are timeless in design. They consist of much wood work and countertops. The cabinets usually will feature legs and added parts that are part of the design.

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