Vessel sink bathroom vanities are artistically designed bathroom features that are one of the trendier bathroom vanity types. You can completely transform your bathroom from an usual room to a stylish showcase. There’s a variety of sink types to choose from, ceramic to porcelain, glass to metal or to marble.

The vessel sink bathroom vanity size is slightly lower than traditional bathroom vanities. The vessel sink sits two to six inches above the countertop to provide more comfort.These sinks are a perfect fit in any bathroom and they provide a unique look. Vessel sink vanities are ideal for small bathroom spaces, they maximize the bathroom storage since they don’t occupy much space. 

Blossom Sydney 30″ Vanity Set with Vessel Sink In Metal Gray


Adds a high-end unique look to the bathroom

Many different shapes and sizes of sinks to choose from

Easy to change design by replacing the sink 

Comfortable to use


This trend might not be around for the long term, therefore it might affect the resale value of your home.

Cleaning can harder since water and dirt might get stuck in between the base of the vessel sink and the countertop.

Important Notes:

Special Faucet:  You will need a faucet that is tall enough for the water to fall into the sink. 

Vanity Height: Most important issue is the height of your vanity. You can put a vessel sink on any cabinet but, if the vanity is a standard size, overall height with the sinks may be too tall and difficult to use. It’s recommended that you purchase vanities that are designed for vessel sinks.

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