A vessel sink is a basin that sits on top of a bathroom vanity or counter, rather than insets like traditional drop-in or under-mount sinks. More specifically, vessel sinks tend to be found in artistically designed bathrooms, they’re not something you see in every bathroom. People who have modern bathrooms mostly prefer them such as a recent trend nowadays. The biggest plus of a vessel sink is its fascinating factor. These sinks are a perfect fit in any bathroom and they provide a high-end unique look.

The vessel sink basin can be any material such as ceramic, glass, stainless steel, stone, copper, or marble. Glass and ceramic vessel sinks are the most popular types today.

Blossom Sydney 24" Vanity Set with Vessel Sink and Mirror Espresso

Pros of Vessel Sinks

The vessel sink size is slightly lower than traditional bathroom vanities and it sits two to six inches above the countertop to provide more comfort. They are ideal for small bathroom spaces by taking up less space than recessed sinks. However an under-mount sink reduces amount of the storage since it occupies much space under the top. The vanity base which have an under-mount or a drop-in sink on it doesn’t offer usage for top drawer. When you prefer a vessel sink, you will be able to using all the space inside the vanity base.

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Another advantage of having vessel sink is easy to change design by replacing the sink. Because vessel sinks are not stuck in place as drop-in sinks are, you can change it out fairly easy.

A vessel sink can be too high for children and shorter adults. However if your requirement is exactly higher sink distinctly standart height due to your stature, it’s the best way to go for a vessel sink to catch that height. It is also really comfortable to use thus. 

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Is there any disadvantages of going for vessel sink?

If we will be talking about disadvantages of having a vessel sink; it is difficult to clean around the area where the sink basin meets the vanity or countertop since water and dirt might get stuck in between them. If you’re choosing a glass vessel, keep in mind that marks will be more visible from the exterior of the basin.

Faucet and height are the most important details you should definitely consider before you make a decision. You will need a faucet that is tall enough for the water to fall into the sink. These faucets are produced for vessel sink especially. It would be almost impossible to use regular lavatory faucets for vessel sinks. You should also consider faucet’s handle; it must be convenient for existing configuration. 

Blossom Sydney 102" Vanity Set with Vessel Sinks and Mirror Linen Cabinet Glossy White

Even if it’s recommended that purchase vanities that are designed for vessel sinks there is always semi-custom option which is basically putting together different pieces. There are lots of combination that you can pick and order just the base of the vanity. After then, we can make any countertop with any material you desire and order any standard vessel sink to put on it.

The only issue is the height of your vanity; if the vanity is a standard size, overall height with the sinks may be too tall and difficult to use. Standard vanities range from 32 inches to 36 inches. Vessel styles work best when mounted on a vanity that is 31 inches tall. For solving this issue; creating your dream bathroom makeover from scratch in any height or style with all tiny details according your taste with our custom projects.

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