Travertine is a natural stone which develops over time while minerals are left on the surface of the earth by rivers, geysers and hot springs. It actually is a kind of limestone, even though many consider it to be a kind of marble. It is simple to cut into tiles, comparison to other kinds of stones. This makes it a trendy option for flooring as well as countertops.


You can use travertine tile on your floors for your entire residence. There are several sizes available, bigger tiles are recommended for larger areas.Tiles also can be cut in replicating dimensions, and used as a border.


This stone comes in shades which vary from brown to light ivory, having innate streaks and miniature pock marks. It’s a distinctive kind of stone and it will provide a countertop with a distinctive surface.

Bathroom Vanity With Travertine Sink

Design Ideas

Select a lighter colored countertop, and put a somewhat darker shade mosaics as backsplash. Or, select lighter as well as darker tiles and mix them for a multicolored appearance.

Tip: Fill the small holes with grout, and close up the surface to safeguard against tarnishing.

Travertine Colors For Your Bathroom

Make the bathroom feel similar to a very old Mediterranean spa with travertine. You can select a tumbled or honed finished to create the look you want. Choose various colors in a combination of ivory, muted yellows, pale coral, brown and merge them for your floors, bathroom walls, and backsplash.


A fireplace can be carved out of travertine as a hole one piece. Or, you can surround your fireplace with a combination of travertine mosaics as well as tiles.


Generate a stylish-looking patio with travertine tiles. Mix lighter and darker colors for contrast.

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